What are TATA neu coins? How to earn more

Are you planning to shop with the TATA Neu Super app? Don’t forget to use tata neu coins. TATA Neu Super app is going to launch on 7th April 2022. But if you don’t know what is this super app and what are tata neu coins and tata neupass, this article will outline the complete picture before you.

What is Tata Neu Super App?

Tata Neu super app is based on the functionality of Umbrella as it contains more than one feature. Also, we can say it is very similar to CashKaro app as in this app many applications are pre-added. Tata Neu App is a one-stop solution for all Tata products. This app contains Taj, Chroma, Bigbasket, 1mg, Tata Cliq, Tanishq, and Air Asia-like apps which are added by the TATA group itself but still, there are some apps like Titan, Tanishq, etc that are not included by the Indian government. Before 7 April 2022, it was only for TATA employee beta testing. But now it will be for all people in India from 7 April 2022.

Tata neu coins

We recommend you try at least once the rewarding world of the Tata Neu app.  Get rewarded on your every shop. Tata Neu is your all-in-one type of shop for a seamless shopping experience. From groceries to gadgets to getaways on TataNeu.

Whether you are buying clothes or booking flights or hotels you will be rewarded by the app. Experience our unique rewards program with unlimited freedom to earn anywhere, spend everywhere and maximize your savings.

Consume cutting-edge digital content, manage your finances, plan your next holiday, or perhaps just your next meal – there are lots to explore and experience in the world of TataNeu.

What are TATA Neu coins?

As we get 4 super coins on 100 rupees spent at Flipkart similarly we get super coins as a reward while shopping on the Tata Neu Super app.

Currently, the Tata Neu app is only available in a beta version which means only Tata employees are allowed to download and use the app. After final testing approximately in starting of 2022, we will get access to download and use. As on Flipkart, one super coin saves you one rupee same on Tata Neu App one neu coin is equal to one rupee.

 1 Neu Coin= 1 Indian Rupee

How to earn Tata Neu Coins-

Before downloading the Tata Neu app only for now until the app is not available for everyone, make sure that you are an employee of TATA Consultancy Services. We are considering that you are working in TATA Consultancy Service, so you are provided an Employee code on your registered email id.
Download the Tata Neu App from Google Play Store. Once, the installation has been completed then you have to sign up with your valid email id. Then you have to verify your email and now enter your employee code and enter the OTP that had already been sent to your registered email. Now, you are ready to use TATA Neu super app for buying electronics, Food, and Beverages, Fashion and luxuries, Hotel booking, groceries, Flights, etc.
If you want to save your money so you must have neu coins within your Neu App. But first, you have to purchase items from it or book tickets, etc. In short, first spent then save.

Benefits of Tata Neu Coins

Once, you have a heavy amount of neu coins then you can use those coins whenever you are purchasing high amount things. Didn’t understand?

Let us take an example, suppose I have 300 neu coins in my Tata Neu Super app. Now, I am purchasing a shirt of costs 800Rs. In this case, I can use my 300 neu coins at the place of 300Rs. now I will have to pay only 500 Rs. But remember, it’s not mandatory that you can use your all neu coins at a time. Some product sellers do not allow to use of too many neu coins but yeah there is a little bit of discount for sure.

Download the Tata Neu Super app, save your precious time as you are getting more than 5 services in one app only and save your money by using neu coins. Do not forget to share with your friends and also do not forget that this app is available only in the beta version for now. So let us applaud the first official super app of India i.e.TATA Neu app.

Tata NeuPass 

NeuPass in Tata Neu super app is a power-packed program that serves you a large range of benefits and privileges. Here are the primary benefits of using Tata NeuPass.

But these are only applicable when you use Tata Pay as a payment method.

  1. Get a minimum of 5% Neucoins* every time you shop on Tata Neu.
  2. No minimum spends are needed to earn 5% NeuCoins and no limits on NeuCoins earned by you.
  3. Using NeuCoins is simple! 1Neucoins=Rs. 1
  4. Earn and spend Neucoins anytime, anywhere on the Tata Neu app.
  5. Shop and get exciting offers exclusively on Tata Neu.
  6. Experience privileges and perks like none other.

How to earn more Neu coins on TATA Neu

So far we have discussed that Neu coins can be used as money-saving coins, right? Now, what if, I say, there are some awesome opportunities for making neu coins on the TATA Neu app.

1. Tata Neu says, Get minimum of 5% Neu coins every time you shop on TATA Neu.

2. 1neu coin= 1 Rs. yeah, it is.

3. You can earn neu coins from anywhere, and spend them everywhere.  For example, you shopped a pair of shoes on TATA Neu, and you got 10 neu coins, now you can spend your 10 neu coins as a replacement of 10Rs. while further shopping at Tata Neu, doesn’t matter, what you are shopping for now, are these a pair of shoes or a jacket, spend freely and enjoy the app.


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