Top 10 Best Tally Apps

Sometimes maybe you are on the go and suddenly you need to count some number and you are not having the pen and paper to calculate the number, at this time some of the best tally apps for ios/android/windows/mac users can help them to count the large number without having pen and paper.

Whatever thing you are needed to count, tally counter apps can do so easily.


People might have to take a count of class attendance, track the number of people, stand in a queue, or else count the number of items. Having tally counter apps on your ios/android/windows/mac devices is must be beneficial for you.

It doesn’t matter, what you need to count, here we have gathered a list of the top 10  best tally Apps or tally counters for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Best Tally Apps for Android

Here are 10 apps for ios and Android. Based on your device’s OS, download the app and cut out hassles from your life.

1. TallyDekho

TallyDekho-Hisaab Unglion Pe is available on both androids as well as ios.  Users can start in just three simple steps.

  1. Download the TallyDekho app.
  2. download the Desktop app and sync Tally ERP9.
  3. once, syncing is finished, scan the QR code from the desktop app.

TallyDekho mobile app allows users to access the complete Tally ERP9 data in just one tap. the most important thing to note here is that the app uses Google Drive instead of any third-party server.

Features of the TallyDekho app

  1. Customized Dashboard.
  2. Receipts and payments
  3. Purchases and sales.
  4. Ledger
  5. inventory checks
  6. Accounts receivables and payables.
  7. real-time, etc

2. Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst- powered by Khatabook is perfect for those, who use Tally for their business. BizAnalyst allows you to access your Tally data from your mobile anytime, anywhere!

BizAnalyst provides you the awesome functionality to get the whole Tally on mobile experience that makes understanding Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime data easier.

Features of Biz Analyst

  1. It Shows real-time data and reports.
  2. It reminds debtors to pay and cashiers to collect payments faster
  3.  Users can enter data entries on Tally from mobile
  4. Create Sales and Purchase Invoices
  5. Work will be easy by sharing access with the sales team.
  6. track exact location with Check In – Check Out
  7.  Analyze your sales through designed graphs
  8. Schedule follow-up reminders
  9. Generate GST invoices
  10. Manage inventory

3. Live Keeping

LiveKeeping allows you to access your real-time financial data that integrates Tally ERP9 on your mobile anywhere/anytime. Users get the direct data, they want to access related to their finances and businesses. The app allows you to have eyes on 360-views of your sales, purchases, growth, and customer outstanding on your app dashboard.

Features of Live Keeping Tally App

  1. Real-time dashboard
  2. Allows to track customers’ outstandings
  3. Businesses man can manage more than companies and businesses in one app only.
  4.  GST ready invoice
  5. Financial reports.
  6. Data Security.

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4. CredFlow

CredFlow is one of the best tally apps on mobile that helps you to automate your payment collection and Business Analytics Securely with a rate of at least 20% faster than customers. CredFlow connects with your Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime and enables you to access tally on your mobile.

Features of CredFlow

  1. The app automatically reminds your debtors via SMS, Email, or Call.
  2. Access your real-time tally data anytime, anywhere.
  3. Allows collecting online payments from your customers directly from the CredFlow payment gateway.
  4. Make transactions with vendors from CredFlow App.
  5. Generate receipts, Invoices, & Sales orders from the app and share them with your customers.
  6. Automatic data entry in tally from mobile.
  7. Check the growth date and age of your business.
  8. Real-time checking of teams’ data
  9. Balance product inventory and invoices.

Best Tally Apps for ios


5. Tally Counter Multiple Time

Tally counter multiple time for iPhone is a very simple and free application to count multiple amounts of data related to finances/business at the same time. There are a total of 4 cases and 4 groups of the rate of the count.

This iPhone tally app allows you to edit notes, input the initial count value; delete all counts at once; count up or count down; share count results related to your financial data.

features of Tally Counter Multiple Time

  • Easy usage.
  • Best suitable for video games
  • Count multiple objects at the same time

6. CountUp

This app is also known as the Pople counter app. CountUp is connected with an ERP9tally counter that supports users to count and collect their financial data collaboratively.

7. Tally

Tally is a very useful iPhone app for various purposes, from the kitchen to the office, you can use tally to have a quick record of counts. With its simple user interface and delight logging activity this app becomes the most downloadable best tally counter app. The tally app is good for tracking anything you want.


  • Supported by apple watch.
  • Quick logging on widgets
  • users can fill the custom values
  • Tracking periodically.
  • Reports the progress with statistics and flow chart
  • Multiple reminders for each tracker

8. Clean Clicker

The clean clicker for iPhone is a simple, fast, and easy way to count things, manage data records, invoices, reminders to debtors, etc


  • Quickly adding and subtracting the counting
  • Reset the prompt for total safety
  • Screen color-changing theme for your eye comfort.
  • Apple Watch Support!!!

9. Quick Counter

The quick Counter Tally app is a simple and quick way to keep count of your business data on your iPhone and iPad. The app makes you happy as you have no tension to orally count the amount of large data.

For use, First, install the app and tap anywhere on the screen, to increment the counter

Features include:

  1.  Simple UI and Gesture support, just tap to count, swipe down to count in down.
  2. Real-time data show as it is integrated with Tally ERP
  3. You can calculate multiple totals at the same time, with the help of this app.
  4.  The count can be either up or down
  5. It shows the actual count on your iPhone’s screen plus it provides you with an audible format.
  6. And much more…


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