How to Download The Right Stuff Dating App?

The former assistant of Donald Trump, John McEntee decided to launch a new dating app for conservatives this summer. McEntee said, ” Conservatives deserve the easiest way to connect online” So to download the Right Stuff Dating App is an innovation for all the people who are in a relationship.

This app is designed in such as way that is against a new jersey based dating app or sites or graduates, leagues, faculty this is why the name is The Right Stuff.

Download the right stuff dating app

unfortunately, it has the same name as a well-known white supremacist website.  Even the name is the same but still, The Right Stuff has no known ties with each other.

UpRoxx reports, that the white supremacy website is popular for offering neo-Nazi and conspiracy theory content, and has been described by the New Yorker as “a breeding ground for some of the most florid racism on the Internet.”

Conservative dating app The Right Stuff Explained

According to John McEntee, the Right stuff dating app will be launched this summer onwards in Washington, and will initially serve the users on invites only.

The app is totally free of political effects, the conservative dating app will cater to right-wing supporters who live in large and developing cities. If we talk about the UI and look and feel of the app so it will be like any other standard dating app, but remember in starting it will be available only to iOS or iPhone users.

Probably users would not be charged to use the app for free initially, but the company expects to introduce a subscription plan in the future, for monetizing the app.

pre-registrations are open on the official website for The Right Stuff for those who want to get the app soon as its launch. On the official website of The Right Stuff- you will see “Register now for a chance to be invited for early access.”. For registering for the app, You are required to have an active email account, then register on the website as soon as the app is launched, you will be notified.

 Download The Right Stuff dating app for iOS, Android, and Windows

Till now only the news has been outed that The Right Stuff dating app will be available for download as it will launch in the summer of 2022. McEntee seems too excited about the launching of the conservative dating app.

More Details: The Right Stuff dating app

Firstly, The Right Stuff dating app will first be launched in the US capital, Washington DC,  unfortunately, it will be only available for download on iOS mobile. And there are no plans to launch the dating app for android and windows in near future.

The official website holds a one-liner about the dating app, read this- “The Right Stuff dating app is a new exciting way to connect with fellow conservatives, launching this summer”.

The Right Stuff- right-wing dating app

One of the well-known Billionaire tech entrepreneurs Peter Thiel said to invest $1.5 million in the innovation to aid it in the early stage.

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Donald Trump launched his own social media app while he was banned on Twitter. The app called as Truth social app, it was made as a competitor to Twitter that’s why the app functionality is the same as Twitter.

Truth social media app has the agenda of those who want to extend their opinions and views on a social platform that doesn’t suppress them. like other platforms. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who resigned from Congress, will serve as the CEO of the social media platform.

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