How to create account on Tata Neu App?

Previously we have discussed the Tata Neu App and its features plus the services the app offers. In this article, we will learn How to create account on TATA Neu App or signup on TATA Neu App? Plus How to register on Tata Neu super app?

Create account on Tata Neu app

It might be a case that you are not even familiar with the app, so first lemme tell you in brief What is the TATA Neu Super app, Signup, Register, and login to TATA Neu Super app.

What is TATA Neu App?

Tata Neu app is the one-stop solution for your all daily needs from grocery, electronics, bill payments, money transfer, shopping, luxury, ticket booking, food order, home appliances, travel, etc.

For more Details: What is Tata Neu App | Explore all the things that the app offers

Don’t think that we didn’t give you the proper information about the app, consider reading the above-linked article, we gave you a proper and more than enough idea about the Tata Neu super app.

Hopefully, you have read that article, and are curious to know about How to Download the Tata Neu app and then How to create account on Tata Neu app.

To download the app is pretty simple just follow the steps which are discussed in the below-linked article.

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Booyah, we have downloaded the app, now it’s time to open the app and create an account on Tata neu super app. For now, For the employees of the TATA Group, the app is available to use but yeah one employee can refer up to 5 people so that they can also be able to use the super app.

From 7th April 2022 onwards, The super App will be open to all normal users also.

Now, I am telling you the way to create an account using a referral code or Corp email id.

Create Account on Tata Neu App| How to Sign-Up on Tata Neu app

Step 1: Open the app on your mobile.

Step 2: You will see a screen containing a copyright line with the icon of the app.

step 3: We are near! Click Let’s Start.

step 4: It’s time to sign up on the Tata Neu app, drop your valid mobile number with the right country code.

Step 5: Click Get OTP. It will automatically submit the OTP and redirect you forward.

Step 6: Next, this is a welcome window, here you will be asked to enter your Corp Email ID or referral code.

Step 7: Enter whatever you have and click submit, and yeah this is done. You are now able to use the app.

What if you don’t have anyone of these?

Don’t worry, there is an option I dON’T HAVE EITHER, click this option, It will take you to another screen called Coming to you soon!

As we have already told you, in case you have no Corp email id or referral code that means you are a normal user. So, you can only register for the app, for now.

How to Login to Tata Neu App?

If you have already signed up on Tata neu then only you can log in back to your tata neu account by using the same email address, you used while signing up.

How to Register on TATA NEU SUPER APP?

Register yourself now so that when the app will be available for normal users, you will be notified to download the app.

For registering, simply Enter your details on the same screen (Coming to you soon!)

This screen contains empty fields to enter First name, Last name, Gender, Date of birth plus email id. Next, press Done!

YAY!! you have successfully registered on the TATA NEU SUPER APP. Now, wait for some days, until the app is opened for all users.

As soon as the app will be available to you, create an account on the Tata Neu app and explore whatever you want.

How to refer the Tata Neu app to a friend-

Tata employees can refer to the tata neu app for up to 5 people. To share the referral code use the following feature.

  1. Open the app.
  2. You will see a banner suggesting you refer a friend.
  3. Click on Refer a friend, this will ask you to select from your mobile contacts.
  4. Choose those for whom you want to refer the tata neu super app.
  5. As soon as you do this, your friend will get a text message containing the referral code.
  6. Ask your friend to use the referral code and start to explore the TATA Neu digital super app.
  7. Also share the direct link to download the app(with the person, you want to refer the app), it will automatically take your referred code while the user is creating the account on the tata neu super app.

Wrap Up:

So far we have discussed in detail about Tata Neu Super app, How to download the tata neu app, and How to create an account on the Tata neu app. Still, do you have doubts? so feel free to ask me by dropping your query in the comment section below, we will reach you soon.

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