Top 9 best Cash Advance apps

We have a lot of things or topics to discuss with you but today we will discuss related finance tools. Lemme clear you what we are going to discuss, we will see the best cash advance apps that can be helpful while you face delays in fees deposits, bill payments, overdraft fees, high-interest credit card debts, etc.

Cash advance apps boost the speed of your cash flow. Users are not required to stand in a queue for a long period of time. Cash advance apps reduce your struggle related to any financial work from online payments to high-interest credit, everything is possible through cash advance apps in 2022.

best cash advance apps

Similarly, to Dave, these apps help you get through financial emergencies without throwing you into a heap of borrowed money by providing interest-free cash advances.

So, if you are here, probably you want some apps that offer more substantial cash advances/personal loans.

We have found a list of Best cash advance apps that must be shared with you so that you too would never face financial difficulty even if you do have not a bale of money.

List of Top 9 Best Cash Advance apps

In this post, we will introduce you to the apps that make you happy throughout your life. These apps throw a stream of cash when you are in a financial emergency.

  1. Axos Bank
  2. MoneyLion
  3. Earnin
  4. Branch
  5. Brigit
  6. Empower
  7. DailyPay
  8. SofiMoney
  9. FlexWage

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1. Axos Bank

Manage your money in the long run with the Axos Bank app. This cash advance app allows user to manage their financial activities in a convenient and efficient way. Users can optimize their banking, investing, personal finance at a very fast pace and security moreover there are several tools to have track of your finance.

Features of Axos Bank Cash advance app

  • Save, borrow and transact
  1. The application permits users to check their bank balances and review their transaction history.
  2. On your decided schedule, you can pay your bills, transfer funds, etc.
  3. Allows doing some customization so that you will be notified for your next payment like an electricity bill alert, rent alert, etc.
  • 360-degree financial view
  1. The app shows your all bank accounts in one place only, you are no longer required to switch the application for checking another bank account status.
  2. Users can categorize their monthly/weekly/yearly spending across all accounts.
  • Help Desk
  1. in case, you are having some doubts while using the app, you can simply chat with their customer care, the person on that site will help you surely.
  • Safe & Sound
  1. The app is secured with two-factor authentication.
  2. Anyone or an anonymous person can’t be open the app on your phone as the app required you to trace the Face Id or Fingerprint.
  3. Account monitoring for fraud.
  4. Automatically logged out when the app is not in use for a long time.


2. MoneyLion

MoneyLion allows you to complete your all tasks related to bank, investment, borrowing, and growing with no interest in cash. MoneyLion is not a bank, instead, it is a financial tech company.

It’s a mobile banking app for borrowing, growing, investing, depositing, saving, etc.  The company’s goal is to optimize its clients’ money management and savings while boosting their credit. Over 93% of MoneyLion Plus Members are first-time investors, per a company report published in March 2018.

3. Earnin

Earning- get cash before the actual need. Earnin is a supreme way to access your earnings before the decided payday—and it allows users to live life according to their comforts. Get up to $100/day or $500/paycheck to cover any expense.

Here’s how Earnin works:

[1] If you cash out $100, you get $100. Add optional feedback to support the team, and that’s it.

[2] When payday comes, we’ll deduct the $100 you cashed out last time, from your direct deposit in addition to your feedback.

It is very simple to get started with earnin-

  1.  Download the app, next add your bank account and debit card.
  2. Add the employer you get your paycheck from.
  3.  Verify your work email. If you Don’t have any work email, Turn on Location services, and the app will automatically add earnings to your Earnin account when the community sees you’re at your work address.
  4.  Next, the app will verify your bank account, debit card, and confirm your hours worked. Then, Cash Out up to $100 per day (up to $500 per paycheck) and tip what you think is fair (between $0-14).
  5. On payday, the app automatically debits your account for the money you cashed out + tips/feedback.


4. Branch

With Branch, users get instant access to their already earned money-whether it’s wages, tips, mileage reimbursements, or more. The branch is a free digital wallet used by your company to pay you the money you required.  The app supports faster transferring money and you can also request cash advances from upcoming paychecks. Then, on payday, the cash you had cashed out previously, will automatically deduct from your bank account.
Features of Branch

  • Get faster pay
  • Create your own payday
  • Zero bank fee
  • Card security
  • Bill payments
  • Faster sign up
  • Pay on the Go


5. Brigit

Manage your financial activities smartly with Brigit. Save money and spend wisely. While having Brigit, you get up to a $250 instant cash advance, build your credit, check your credit score, avoid overdraft fees, and manage your personal finances.

features of Brigit

  • Instant cash advance with easy payment services
  • Fast and secure
  • Build credit while you save
  • Spending track facility
  • Several financial insights
  • Easy and fast sign up
  • Credit builder loans
  • improves your budgeting

6. Empower

Empower, is needed by everyone while instant cash is needed. With the Empower-instant cash advance app, you can score Cash Advance up to $250 with zero interest.

Empower paid you two days faster than other applications. Additionally, Earn up to 10% cashback plus it never charges you an overdraft fee.

Features of Empowe-instant Cash advance app

  1. Get faster and instant cash up to $250 with no additional cash interest.
  2. Get paid up to 2 days faster
  3. 10% extra cashback
  4. Offers free ATM withdrawals
  5. Secure and fast.
  6. Manage your saving, spending, investment, bill payments, growth, loss, and other financial activities.

7. DailyPay

Get cash as soon as you needed. DailyPay is a convenient and secure way to access your earnings before payday. It allows users to get their money when needed to pay bills on time, deposit fees, and meet other financial goals.

How DailyPay works

  • As the name clears its functionality, As you work throughout the week, you earn a certain Pay Balance, right?
  • Now, you need to withdraw some money, you can easily cash from your Pay Balance, you are required to just press a button.
  • Booyah! You will receive your funds instantly
  •  You will receive your remaining pay on payday.

8. SofiMoney

Sofi is the one and only solution for your finances, that is designed to help people to Get their Money Right.

It’s an all-in-one app for Saving, spending, earning, borrowing, and investing.

Features of SofiMoney

  • Convenient
  • Earn high interest
  • No investment accounts minimum
  • Personal loans, home loans, school loans, etc
  • Smart money move makes you earn
  • No cost spending, no cash interest

9. FlexWage

Access your all earnings with the FlexWage app for Android.

  • It allows checking balance details
  • Permits to Perform FlexWage transfers
  • Show start to end transfer history

Wrap up:

So that’s it for this post. Now, you have 9 cash advance apps like dave to withdraw cash from your already earned money as soon as you needed plus you can manage your other financial activities wisely and conveniently.

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