What is Tata Neu App? Tata Digital Super App Explained


  • TATA Neu Super App is going to be launched on 7 April 2022.
  • TATA Neu App is a super app that allows users to book tickets, shop assets, pay rent, transfer money, and much more online.

Last year, TATA group announced to develop and launch of a mobile application that will be useful every time, no matter you want to book hotel tickets, flight tickets, shopping for clothes, shopping shoes, cosmetics, grocery, electronics, or hardware. Everything can be done through this app.

Tata Neu app

Moreover, the TATA Neu Super app is the one-stop solution for all the stuff you do on various platforms like flight booking, groceries, clothes shopping, electronics shopping, wearables, and much more. TATA pay is also in the pipeline for UPI payment. This app is a direct competitor to Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm.

Til now, we have used several super apps like Paytm, phone pay, etc but the TATA Neu Super app is going to create a buzz in the hood.

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What is TATA Neu App?

According to trusted sources, TataNeu, TATA Digital Super is going to be launched on April 7, 2022, although it has already been available on Google Play Store, it is only an invitation, to start with.

For now, the beta version of the TATA Neu app is only available for Tata employees plus those who have referral codes to use the app.

The biggest novelty of the tata neu super app is that users will enjoy, for the first time, a multi-category loyalty program that will work across the categories simultaneously.

We can say the TATA Neu Super app is a one-stop solution for all your daily needs.

Now let’s deep dive into the app. How the TATA Neu Super app looks like, what are the features & services Tata Neu is providing to its users?

TATA Neu SUPER APP Loyalty Program or TATA Neu Rewards

The super app is going to help to create a digital world of digital humans by creating a loyalty program for its over 45 million customers, bringing them back to Tata’s services and goods on a daily basis. Users do not need to waste their time while switching the apps for various purposes, they can book movie tickets, flight tickets, purchase groceries, shop for clothes, electronic assets, and more by using only one app, TATA Neu Super App.

It is decided that the complete loyalty program will be run by a DIGITAL currency called NeuCoins.

Tata plans to feed people by adding “NeuCoins” as a reward (one NeuCoin is equal to Rs.1) into their account.

Neucoins can be used to reduce the payable amount of a good or service like Supercoins on Flipkart.

TATA Neu App- Bundle of all basic services provider

Usually, the agenda behind developing an application is that the particular app has to provide some specific shorts of services to fulfill its user’s requirements, right?

But here the agenda behind developing the Super app is a little bit different, the TATA Neu app has to provide a bundle of services that can guarantee its identity as a Super App.

We are sharing the Features and offerings of the TATA Neu Super app, now you will have to comment your opinion on whether the app is able to call A SUPER app or not.

Features of TATA Neu App

To enjoy the TATA Neu app services and its amazing features, a user must have to install and download the app into their mobile phone.

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When you open the app, you will see five mini-buttons Home, Vault, rewards, stories, offers respectively. It is important to know about these features of the apps

  1. Alerts & Profile- Users will get daily alerts & profile details.
  2. NeuCoins- Take a quick glance at your Neucoins balance.
  3. Vault- Access your payments, linked bank accounts & cards
  4. Rewards- Explore your rewards and privileges
  5. Stories- Read about the latest trends and launches
  6. Offers & Bundles- Grab exciting offers & bundles from your favorite brands.

Let’s get started with the TATA Neu Super App

TATA Neu-Home

So, start from home, on the Home screen you will see a search bar to search your desired need. At the bottom of the search bar, there are four options started from Scan & Pay, Send Money, Pay bills, Finance.

Tata Neu Super app-Home

Scan and Pay allow you to scan a QR code and make payments, no you are no longer required to pay using GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

Send money allows you to transfer the money from bank to bank, pay bills offers you to pay rent, electricity bills,s, etc on your payday.

Next, you will be seeing some Shop & Explore cards on the same screen. These cards are the real rock of this app.

Categories included are Grocery, Electronics, Mobiles, Entertainment, Fashion, Luxury, Hotels, Flights, F&B, Health, Fitness, Beauty. Whatever you want, just one tap, and boom guys, you got it.

Sound Exciting to explore more?

Okay, let’s go for more-

one thing I love the most about this app is, you are not needed to explicitly lock your TATA Digital Neu App, it automatically requires your fingerprint or PIN to open the app. Why it is doing so?

As we already discussed, the super app allows your to make secure payments, that’s why it does not allow anonymous people to access your bank details.

Now scroll down a bit, and stop at Exclusive offers, here you will see the offers available for you.  Moreover, if you like an offer but are not able to shop instantly, you can tap on the heart button below the offer and this will be added to your favorites so that you can easily access it the next time.

Note: Don’t forget to check out the Validation date of an offer. After its expiry date, it will not beneficial for you.

The app itself suggests offers on medicine, health check-up, online doctor consultation, trending fashion, menswear, footwear, etc.

TATA Neu- Vault

This section manages the activities related to finance including money transfers, UPI payments, Money requests, etc. For further details, see the image below.

Tata Neu- Vault

TATA Neu- Rewards

Rewards integrate all your rewards and NeuCoins (digital currency of TATA Neu app), badges that include privileges, NeuPasses, OFF, etc

TATA Neu- Stories

Stories tell you what’s going on in the hood, around the world. For example, while I am writing this post, the app is suggesting stories including 5 teams to watch out for at TATA IPL 2022, 7 numbers you must know about TATA IPL 2022, Dishes to go with your next K-Drama binge, etc.

You can customize the stories according to your interest as there is an option to Flip the page with different good categories including Technology, Travel diaries, Fashion journals, Food digests, Gifting guides.

TATA Neu- Offers

As the name suggests offers tell you the Off and offers on different assets including electronics, home appliances, fashion, beauty, fitness, health, hotels, flights, grocery, luxuries, etc.

TATA Neu super app offers

Moreover, TATA Neu offers you some additional benefits related to TATA’s services like- TATA AIA, Tata Capital, Tata Steel, Tata Housing, Tata Motors, Tata Batteries, Titan, Tata Cliq, etc.

The app suggests some exclusive handpicked offers, trending offers, special offers, etc.

Wrapping together all the features and discussing in short-

TATA Neu app facilitates us with all these features

E-Commerce services

Through  TATA Neu super app we can do online shopping with the most exclusive offers and rewards.


Now you are not needed to switch the app only for paying the bill while you are shopping at Tata Neu, you can make bill payments easily with the same app.

Financial Services

It is one of the most important services that the app is providing. Neu app allows users to do any kind of financial work online without any data loss fear.

Health Care

E-pharmacy services are also available here. Tata Group really curious about your health, that’s why the app comes up with Health and care services also.

Ticket Booking

Hostel tickets, Flight tickets, and Movie tickets you can do with this app.

So, Would you love to consider the TATA Neu app- TATA Neu Super App?

Comment down your answer below.

Tata NeuPass

Neu app comes with the amazing feature called NeuPass, although this is not available right now but coming soon.

NeuPass is a power-packed membership program that offers you a wide range of benefits and privileges. Earn minimum 5% Neu Coins every time you shop on Tata Neu. Select Tata Pay as a payment method at checkout to use your NeuCoins.

*Applicable on eligible transactions. Neucoins will be reversed in case of any cancellation/returns.

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