How to pin particular post on your Instagram profile


  • Photo-sharing app Instagram is now in a testing phase to pin particular post on your Instagram profile.
  • Till now, users only have the access to pin their stories as a highlight on their Instagram profile.

Widely used photo-sharing app Instagram is testing a new feature to pin your post on your profile. Sometimes we all wanna pin a particular post on our social media handles. Facebook had already allowed this feature to its users now Instagram is trying to do so.

That pinned post can be seen above your photo grid on your profile. But this feature is not still available for everyone, the feature is in testing mode and only available for selected users.


How to pin particular post on your Instagram profile

For now, users who have access to the feature are seeing a “Pin to your profile” option that you can select from the three-dot menu next to posts.

The pinned post can work as a welcome post for your profile visitors or a most important post that you ever liked to show to everyone, that comes to your Instagram profile.

Currently, normal users only have the access to pin their stories as highlights on their respected profile page. But now, Instagram is planning to expand this feature by allowing you to pin the post on your Instagram account.

We can post our tweets and then pinned a specific one (Of course, we can change from time to time) on Twitter moreover we can pin messages on telegram, and we can pin a post on Facebook plus we can pin a special one chat on WhatsApp.

Now, we are going to get this feature on Instagram as well.

Have a look at the below tweet, twitted by an engineer namely Alessandro Paluzzi a few months back.

How to pin particular post on Instagram profile

He quoted a tweet and said that Instagram is working on the ability to pin posts on Instagram profiles, he also added that we can pin up to three posts on one profile.

Maximum 3 posts can be pinned

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is in a testing phase with this new innovation to pinning your posts on your profile photo grid. TechCrunch also said that only some users are having the access to pin their posts by clicking the three dots next to their profile, but now this is going to open for all.

This feature could also be very useful for creators including bloggers and YouTubers, who post frequently but want to highlight a specific post.

Also, Instagram has recently announced Enhanced Tags on Reels, which will be very useful for all creators to receive credit for their work. Enhanced tags allow a creator’s self-designated profile category on their professional accounts to be displayed in their People Tag so that people can share and view a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post.

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