How to get WhatsApp cashback or rewards


  • Whatsapp is going to start a cashback or rewards policy.
  • This article will let you know How to get Whatsapp cashback or rewards.

get WhatsApp cashback or rewards


Meta-owned WhatsApp allowed its users to pay through the app approximately a year back but didn’t get the desired results in comparison to other digital payments apps like GooglePay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

Now, the tech giant decided to start a new campaign for sake of popularizing Whatsapp Payment. Most of us generally used to Pay using GooglePay, PhonePe, or PayTm while we had the WhatsApp payment option from a year back.

WhatsApp Payment is safe

Whatsapp promises to secure & fast transactions instead we are using other UPI apps so to get rid of this, Now, WhatsApp is resorting to one of Google Pay’s old tricks to rope in new users for its payment feature –by offering them cashback and rewards.

Under this innovation, If the user uses it to send or receive money then WhatsApp Pay will offer Rs 11 to users up to three times. Good thing is that there is no limitation on the amount needed, yet for multiple rewards, users will need to transact with at least three distinct users.

But of course, here is a decided criteria to get the cashback through the portal. Here are those points to get WhatsApp cashback or rewards.

  • Users are required to see a promotion banner within the app, or it can be a gift icon when they are sending money to an eligible receiver.
  • They must be using the WhatsApp application for the past 30 days.
  • WhatsApp Business is not eligible.

Moreover, the receiver must be a WhatsApp user who has registered for payments on WhatsApp in India, in order for cashback to work.

Here’s how to get WhatsApp cashback or rewards in a few simple steps

According to the WhatsApp Support page, “If you become eligible for the promotion, you might see a banner within the app, or a gift icon when you’re sending money to an eligible receiver,” and this banner will look like this

whatsapp pay cashback and rewards

Now, let’s deep dive to get the cashback and rewards from WhatsApp pay.

STEP 1: Set up your WhatsApp Pay

For setting up the WhatsApp Pay service, you are needed to update your WhatsApp with the latest version available on the Google play store or apple store. Now, navigate to a chat of the desired person, to whom you want to send money. As soon as you open the chat, you will see a mini rupee icon next to the pin icon. Tap that rupee icon.

If you never used Whatsapp Pay before this, you will ask to add your bank account and click on Get Started. Now, Whatsapp will confirm its privacy ad security services.

Click on the Accept and Continue.

Now, it will ask you to select your bank.

After selecting the correct bank, it will ask you to verify your phone number by sending an SMS to your bank for the confirmation of your bank account and phone number.

Make sure that your Whatsapp number is the same as your bank account linked number and this Simcard is available on your device. Click verify and proceed with the instructions that follow to set up your UPI-based WhatsApp Pay account.

STEP 2: Make an invitation to join WhatsApp Pay to your contacts

To transfer money via the portal your contacts are also needed to join with the WhatsApp payment. Make an invitation message and ask them to join Whatsapp Pay as it is a secure and fast payment option.

Once, they are also set up with the Whatsapp payment, you both can transact using the portal.


Now, we are almost there,

This is the place where it makes little bit tricky. WhatsApp has not made the cashbacks available for everyone just yet. Even those who do get the cashback banner, are eligible for only a limited, unspecified amount of time.

If you are eligible, you will clearly see a banner that says you are eligible for cashbacks. If not, transacting with users will not get you the Rs 11.

Note that, you can get the cashback up to only three times also you have to make a transaction with a new one every time.

What are the cases when you are not eligible to get Whatsapp cashback and rewards?

Following are some cases that say you aren’t eligible for cashback:

1. When there is no banner or a gift icon, and you use it to transact money, you will not be able to get the cashback.
2. QR code payments
3. Payments made on collect requests
4. Payments that use the UPI ID of the receiver
5. Payments on third party online apps using WhatsApp

Wrap Up: 

So guys, let’s grab the cashback and enjoy a mini party, lol!. Besides fun, Whatsapp payment is secure and fast, so we can try once for sure.

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