How to create Rossgram account || Resgister on Rossgram


  • Instagram has been banned in Russia
  • Russians are required to download Rossgram and create Rossgram account
  • Rossgram is an alternative to Instagram

If you are hangouts with your Russian friends and asked him/her to come on Instagram or you want to mention him in your insta story then you will be unable to do so, because of Russia and Ukraine war, Instagram has been banned in Russia.

In our previous posts, we have already discussed What is Rossgram, Rossgram Launch Date, Rossgram Features, etc.

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This event was just like an accident for Russian people as they had to face the Banning of Instagram in their country. Now Russian youngsters were keen to add a story on their Instagram account, mention and tag their friends and families, but all the things were just messed up. Meanwhile, Rossgram came into the picture as a competitor to Instagram.

create rossgram account

Rossgram is a buzzed-based topic to discuss.  Competition is really hard but who knows the actual results. What if Rossgram will be successful to beat Instagram, sound crazy, right?

Anyways,  this is a matter of future discussion, now we are here to help you out to create Rossgram account.

This is how Russians can create Rossgram Accounts and register on the Rossgram app.

Before account creation, users are required to download the Rossgram app on their mobile phones. Then only Russians will be able to use the Rossgram app as a replacement for Instagram.

Rember only pre-registered users can download the Rossgram app for now.

Rossgram has many similarities with Instagram including the naming convention, layouts, features, etc. I hope, you have already downloaded the Rossgram, now let’s take a step towards Register on Rossgram account.

How to create Rossgram Account | Register on Rossgram

Rossgram will be launched on 28 March 2022 after this event it will be publicly available only for top-rated bloggers and influencers/sponsors. then in April 2022, Rossgram will start to serve everyone.

To know how and where to download the Rossgram app you first need to know how to register on Rossgram.

According to news, Rossgram is compatible with both iOS and Android users. After the successful trial of Rossgram, a public survey will be run from the end of the Rossgram team.

Follow these steps to register on Rossgram

  1. open your desired browser either chrome or safari.
  2. in the search bar, type Rossgram, and search.
  3. Have eyes on the official website of Rossgram
  4. Scroll down till you find the Register button, click on it and enter your credentials like E-mail address and phone number.
  5. AT last, press Enter or Next. You will see a thanking screen saying “Thank you For Registering, We’re Happy To Have You”.

BOOYAH!! you have successfully registered for Rossgram.

So, this is all about registering information related to Rossgram, we hope you have understood, still, have doubts? Comment below we will help soon.

wrap up:

Rossgram is the replacement application of Instagram. Rossgram will be launched on 28 March 2022. Rossgram contains multiple existing features including all the features of Instagram. This is going to be a hard completion between the safe existence of Instagram and Rossgram.

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