What is Rossgram? How to use

Rossgram- Russian Instagram, is going to be launched soon. Rossgram comes up with the usual functionalities and mobile applications for android and iOS.

Rossgram| A replacement of Instagram will be available soon to use only by Russian citizens.


What is Rossgram App

So basically, Rossgram is an app that will be launched soon as a replacement for Instagram. As we are all aware of the Ukraine and Russia war, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Instagram has been banned in Russia. So, Russia decided to develop and launched its own mobile application called, Rossgram.

This event is the same as Truth social launching when the former president of the USA, Donald Trump was banned on every social media platform, he launched his own app namely Truth Social app.

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Rossgram Launch Date

According to Rossgram.ru, Rossgram- Russia’s own Instagram will be launched on 28 March 2022. The app will be available on both Android and iOS users.

Rossgram added some special features and functionalities including monetizing tools, fundraising functions, crowdfunding, a referral program, etc.

When will Rossgram be available for all users?

This is one of the important to know about, when will normal users get Rossgram on their mobile phones. So, for now, only the top bloggers and partner sponsors as well as investors of Rossgram will have the access to Rossgram app. This means, from 28 March 2022 these candidates(bloggers, sponsors, investors) will be able to use Rossgram.

Now, let’s talk about the normal users, so we will be able to use Rossgram- Russian Instagram in April 2022, the date is not fixed yet.

Know more about Rossgram 

 How Rossgram works

Russia wondered after being blocked by Facebook’s Instagram, then it deiced to create its own photo sharing, and social media app called Rossgram. This amazing app is developed and launched by Russian tech entrepreneurs that allow users to share media/posts/ do-chat and all the things that Instagram does.

For Russia, Instagram was an important platform for business advertising, promoting, processing sales, and communicating with clients. But from 28 March 2022 Russians will be able to do so using Rossgram| Replacement of Instagram.

 Reuters news agency said, amid the war with Ukraine, Russia has decided to launch Rossgram–a replacement of Instagram on March 28.

How to Download Rossgram

Russia is going to launch its own Instagram called Rossgram. This app will do all the things, Instagram do moreover the app provides you the crowdfunding, business advertising, sales, chat, sharing post and media, kind features.

As of now, only the top-rated bloggers and sponsors, as well as investors, get the app on 28 March 2022 by registering themselves on the Rossgram.ru website.

And the normal users will have to wait for some extra time. They will be able to use the app in April 2022.

For now, we are going to tell you the steps to download Rossgram from Google Play Store.

Follow these steps to download Rossgram

step 1: Go to Google Play Store

Step 2: Type Rossgram

Step:3 Voila, find it? Now click install


And yeah its done, we have downloaded Rossgram- a replacement app for Instagram.

But if you are an iPhone/iPad user then you can simply go to Apple App Store and download the super fun.

Here are the steps

step 1: Go to Apple App Store

Step 2: Type Rossgram

Step:3 Voila, find it? Now click install and wait for the download.

So far we have discussed the Rossgram, What is Rossgram, How it works, When will Rossgram be available for the normal users, Rossgram launch date, Rossgram- Instagram Replacement.

It might be a case in the near future if Russia again attacks Ukraine, that the Google play store and app store also be banned in Russia if so, you can download the app directly from their official website.


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