How to Make Recycle Bin for Removable Drives?

This article will let you know How can we make recycle bin for removable drives.

In PCs, there is a net that contains all the deleted files of your PC no matter which extension this file contains. This bag is generally known as recycle bin, right? We can get the deleted files in recycle bin if we delete the particular file only from the local partition of your hardware disk like C drive, D drive, E drive, etc.

We can’t directly get the deleted file in recycle bin it is deleted from a removable device like a USB flash drive.  Directly we can’t get so, but by doing some changes in our PC we will be able to get the backup of our files, saved in USB flashes, etc.

Recycle Bin for Removable Drives?

Are you excited to know How to make a recycle bin for removable drives? Stay tuned on this page, we will let you know everything about how a user can make Recycle Bin for Removable drives such as USB flash drives.

but before proceeding further let’s come to know why we need to have a backup of our files or why the recycle bin is helpful for an end-user.

Why we are required to have a Recycle Bin in our system?

We all have some essential data, files, documents, reports to save for a long time or eternally, right? But sometimes, we mistakenly press the delete button and loss too much essential files, at that time we don’t have even a single way to recover the data besides checking in recycle bin. Or in some cases, we want to temporarily delete some files, movies, photos to avoid a long excuse to give in front of our friends, parents, etc, right?

That time, recycle bin helps you a lot. But there is a problem in recycle bin if we have our essential files, docs in some removable device like USB flashes, recycle bin is unable to store the deleted file as a backup in it.

This problem is not permanent anymore, we can create our own customized recycle bin for removal devices. Let’s see how

Make Recycle Bin for Removable Drives?

To create an artificial recycle bin for USB drives, Flashes, etc we can use Remo Recover, a user-friendly tool to restore deleted files, not in the actual  Recycle Bin but somewhere else.

This software is packed with more powerful algorithms that help the system to get back more than 300 file formats like photos, videos, raw images, documents, Office files, audio files, PDFs, etc.

Remo recover can easily recover your lost data under various data loss scenarios like accidental or permanent deletion of files, missing files from USB, formatted or corrupted USB drive, etc. Based on your system’s capability, you can download and use this tool to recover the deleted files from USB.

Follow these steps to Restore deleted Files from a USB drive using Remo Recover software

  1. The very first step is to download and install Remo Recover software on your Windows machine/ Mac now the next is to connect the USB flash drive.
  2. Launch the app, and press the Recover Partitions option (in scenarios of your data loss like USB formatting, corruption, etc), or simply click Recover Photos options (in the scenario of accidental or permanent file or photo deletion)
  3. Now, press the USB drive option and then click on the Scan button.
  4. Once the scanning has been done, all your deleted or lost files from the USB drive will be displayed to you.
  5. You can take a preview of the recovered photos or videos from the USB drive for free.
  6. Now, select and save the restored files and folders to any drive you want to put in.

Why Remo Recover is preferable to restoring deleted files from a USB drive?

Remo recover is a well-known software that supports you to gain your lost files, folders, photos, etc again, without any hassle.

  1. The tool can easily recover deleted files that were saved in your USB flash drives or any other external storage drive.
  2. Compatability to almost all latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and its previous versions and macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, etc.
  3. Very easy to use software to recover deleted files from various file systems.

Why are Deleted Files from the USB drive not in the Recycle Bin?

Whenever you accidentally deleted a file or folder from the USB drive, this will not be moved to the Recycle Bin of the Windows computer or Trash Bin of the Mac system. Rather, the files, stored in the USB drive are permanently deleted.

Sometimes if you don’t find deleted files in the Recycle Bin of the USB drive or on your system. There can be various reasons behind it. A very common reason is Windows PC does not consider the USB drive as an internal part of the system. If you searching for a device that can recover deleted files from a USB drive, then you can use reliable data recovery software like Remo Recover.

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