How to find who Blocked me on Twitter

Are you feeling blocked by someone on Twitter and want to find Who blocked me on Twitter but you are not cent percent sure to be blocked so here is a solution provided to be sure about so. Read this article carefully, you will get to know about to be sure about you have been blocked by someone.

There are thousands of people, who are trying to find a way to check whether they are blocked on Twitter or not.

Twitter is one of the wide social media platforms that doesn’t have a single way to answers this question, “Who blocked me on Twitter”.

So, finally, your wait is going to be over now as you are already on the right page. This article will help you to find out whether or not you’re blocked by someone on Twitter.

Let’s check who blocked you on Twitter

Even Twitter is a wide tech giant still it doesn’t support any tool to find out who blocked you on Twitter. So, if you really wanna know the manual procedure to check who blocked you on the Twitter website or mobile app. Let’s follow these steps:

1. Open Twitter either on the website or on the mobile application.

2. In the search box, type the suspected account holder’s name, you are thinking about he/she has blocked you.

3. If your suspense becomes true means you are really blocked by someone, you won’t be able to see their tweets or followers list plus it will display a message that “you are blocked”.

So, yeah by just following these steps you will be able to find out the solution to your query.

Note: Always remember that if you have been blocked by someone then you won’t receive any notification/alert from Twitter. Only visiting a suspect’s profile is the way to find whether you are blocked or not.

This is what you will see if you are blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter

Checking the individual accounts is the only way to see who blocked you on Twitter.

What are the things that will be hidden from you on Twitter if you are blocked by someone?

  •  Notification from the account of your account blocker on Twitter. Also, there is no way that you can find the list of people who have blocked you.
  • The blocked accounts won’t contact that person neither you can see their Tweets, and not you can follow them.
  • For your confirmation, that you’re not blocked by that person simply go to the Twitter account of that person and see whether you are seeing the below type of interface.

find who blocked me on twitter

The above image shows if you are not blocked by someone. But if you have been blocked by someone, you will simply get a message you are blocked, and also you won’t be able to see their tweets and media posts.

What does Blocking mean for you on Twitter?

Anybody feels not good neither in real life nor on Twitter if he/she is blocked by a celebrity, president, leader, or even your friend.

Till now we have understood that we can’t view any type of content from that person’s account be it tweets, retweets, comments, who blocked me.

Of course, you are able to send a direct message to them but they won’t receive it.

Blocked on Twitter means you can’t follow that person who blocked you. Neither you can see their tweets in your feed nor tag them.

How to Block someone on Twitter

If you are also willing to block someone, it is a simple procedure that you can do by visiting the Twitter profile of that person, you want to block.

Here are the steps:

  • Visit the Twitter account of the person
  • Click the 3 dots near the Follow/following button
  • Press Block @username and you succeed. As shown in the image below

Block on twitter

So, we have shared with you how to find out whether you are blocked or not on Twitter. To summarize, If someone has blocked you then you can not see their tweets, media, also you won’t get notifications or alerts from your blocker and also you will see a message while visiting their profile, “You are blocked”.

But if you are not blocked, you are allowed to see their tweets, comments, notifications, etc.

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