Top 6 Apps to Check Your Prescription and Get Glasses

Whether you already have eyeglasses or you are planning to purchase a perfect pair of eyeglasses, then this page is going to be very helpful for you. In this article, we are gonna tell you about the top 8 best apps to check your prescription and get glasses.

Whether you are infested with short sight or long sight visual impairments or you use blue ray cut lenses for protecting your eyes from blue rays generated from your computer or mobile screen.

Apps to Check Your Prescription and get glasses

A perfect pair of eyeglass not only help you see things better and complement your appearance. So, it’s important to get the correct prescription of eyeglasses that will suit you best. Fortunately, there are various best apps to check prescriptions and get the perfect pair of glasses.

No, without any more delay, let’s find out what are the best apps to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses and purchase eyeglasses with ease.

In this post, we will see android as well as iPhone apps to check your prescription and get the perfect pair of glasses.

These are the best apps to check your prescription and get glasses

Following are the top 8 best apps to check your prescription and get glasses that are available on both Google Play Store and App Store.

1. Lenskart

Lenskart is a widely used app for matching a perfect pair of eyeglasses. Lenskart is available on both android as well as Apple Store. Lenskart offers you fully authentic, branded glasses, designed using a combination of the latest modern styles and precise robotic technology. Lenskart uses high-quality material to design your perfect eye lenses so that you can enjoy your new look with a trending eyewear pair.

Lenskart also facilitates you to check how well you look in particular eyeglasses. You can try online whether the glasses will suit you or not.

Lenskart uses Artificial intelligence technology that helps you to find out a perfect pair of eyewear. This will help you which shape of goggles will fit you best.

2. Fastrack

Fashion reflects on your appearance, eyeglasses too. Choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses with the help of Fastrack. Goggles have become an important part of the fashion industry. As a human, our duty is to go with the balance of novelty, awesome lifestyle, perfect appearance, get-up, etc. But did you ever think about eyeglasses?

How important role-play of the perfect eyewear in making status, Perfect sized frames, and timeless designs are the focus of current eyewear trends. Now, eyeglasses are not only for preventing visual impairments, eyeglasses affect your personality too. As a perfect pair and perfect sized shoes are necessary similarly a perfect prescribed eyewear pair is also necessary.

You can pick from a variety of styles to give yourself a quick little makeover by checking on Fastrack.

3. LessLens

LessLens is only available for iPhone or iPad users. It is one of the best apps to find the perfect matching pair of eyewear, try glasses frames online, with amazing functionalities and good interaction design.

They use AR technology for their customers to virtually overlay different eyeglasses and sunglasses models on their faces. Don’t worry there is no scam means no face scanning, only eyeglasses will overlay at your eyes. Take live experience on-screen, how well you look like.

4. EyeMeasure

Use your iPhone smartly with a 3D body scanner and measurement app for checking prescription eyeglasses online. EyeMeasure enables you to measure your Pupillary Distance (eye to eye) & now Segment Height instantly at near and far distances. No mirrors, credit cards, tape measures, or objects are needed. It’s accurate to up to 0.5mm for the perfect prescription glasses.

5. Warby Parker

Again this app is only present on iPhone as well as iPad users. Find your lenses by applying filters like gender, size, shape, range, color, etc. And after applying filters desired results will be displayed. Once, you wish to purchase a particular set of eyeglasses, take a look at 3D scaler online through Warby Parker and get to know whether your choice is okay or not.

6. Zeelool

find a pair of eyewear on zeelool and purchase online. This app introduces every pair of eyeglasses, you need from the office to the party.
On Zeelol, you feel like you are shopping for clothes by trialing again and again and once you got a perfect match that best suits your appearance, you purchase it.

Zeelol has a variety of eyewear pairs and 3D  face scanners to have a look at before purchasing.

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