Magniber Ransomware:- How to prevent Yourself

Do you know, your one click on a random pop-up can completely destroy your computer’s data. So, you are required to be attentive all the time. Through this page, you will get to know about this harmful virus called Magniber Ransomware, which can be randomly installed into your PC and started to harm your computer or laptop.

Magniber Ransomware is a hot topic nowadays on the internet. We all are using the internet today, daily we surf a lot of things over the internet but did you ever think that if a random file will be installed in your computer, what will be its results?

If you never thought about this, so think right now otherwise you will lose your most important data files. Although, Magniber Ransomware is already been famous day by day still you do not familiar with this so first let’s know about this Malicious virus.

Previously this virus used Cerber ransomware to attack its victims. From 2013 ransomware attacks back to back, but Magnitude started placing the Magniber malware in 2017.

Magniber ransomware

What is Magniber Ransomware in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge?

Basically, Maginber Ransomware is a typical and very much harmful virus for your PC that can be installed into your PC while you are surfing on the internet through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Magniber Malware has found its way to get installed into PCs through these two commonly used browsers.

If you still not been completely aware of this harmful virus, let me take a real-life scenario.

Let’s suppose you are surfing on a web browser, suddenly in your browsers, a pop will appear with a message Your Browser is required an update. Install Now! or something like that

Yeah! this is the time you are needed to be more careful than before. You never needed to update your browser explicitly, this pop-up notification is just a fraud, not official attention processed by Google Chrome or Edge browser.

For your kind information, Google Chrome and other browsers themselves update their version whenever a new version arrives on the market. So, you are not needed to update your browser.

How to prevent PC from Magniber Ransomware 

Your security from Magniber Ransomware is only in your hand and eyes. Stay open your big eyes, you are required to focus on that type of pop-up notification.

Let’s see what this notification looks like in Microsoft Edge Browser and how to prevent PCs from Magniber Ransomware.

Edge browser update


This virus comes with a .appx extension and it prompts suddenly on your surfing window. Similarly, on Google Chrome, it will appear as a pop-up window containing the .appx extension.

For preventing your PC and your data files, you are just required to not update your Google or Edge browser explicitly through a pop-up notification. Of course, you can update your browser, but after checking its current version through settings and about browsers.

To check Chrome’s current version, users should click on the three dots menu at the upper-right corner of the window, right under the X icon. Then, head over to Help > About Google Chrome, and a new settings tab will open, with About Chrome in the main window.

the .appx file extension of ransomware new variant also contains a valid Windows certificate, this can make you and your system fool by telling you that it is a trusted application. As soon as you mistakenly install the malicious software, it will create a .exe file and DLL file in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder. As this folder is typically secured, hidden, and inaccessible to users, most of us even don’t know that this folder exists.

Once the installation has been finished, Magniber ransomware will launch the malware, encrypt your files, and then a ransom note demanding payment will appear on your screen. This will charge you in cryptocurrency for decrypted your data but it is not surely said that they will return your data honestly or maybe they will succeed in swindling you.


Let’s summarize the post, Magniber is a ransomware malicious software that is installed in your PC without even your information and it will start infecting computers by exploiting vulnerabilities in web browsers like Google Chrome and Edge. And then it will steal your precious data and start to charge you in cryptocurrency.

Google Chrome users are the first target of Magniber but since Microsoft Edge uses the same Chromium base code, the ransomware can even affect the Microsoft edge.

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