What is Youtube 2021 Recap feature? How to Check 2021 Recap?

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Youtube 2021 Recap feature

Youtube 2021 Recap feature

On this Monday, YouTube Music launched a feature called 2021 Recap, which shows clients their top specialists, melodies, music recordings, and playlists from this year. To compete Spotify wrapped, Youtube music launched the 2021 recap. Although in previous years we have seen Youtube music launch something called year in review where they published youtube music stats.

In earlier years, YouTube Music has carried out a Year in Review playlist featuring clients’ most-streamed tunes and specialists, yet it wasn’t accessible to everybody. This year, the organization has likewise made playlists highlighting the year’s by and large greatest hits and the top tracks from classes including rock, country, hip-jump, and Latin.

How to Check Youtube 2021 Recap 

To find out the youtube music 2021 recap feature you need to follow some easy steps. But before that, you must know that Youtube 2021 recap feature is not available for now so be patient if you don’t find out on your app. These features launched by youtube will come into effect slowly. So if you haven’t gone through this, then wait for some days It will come in the upcoming days.

1.  Go to Playstore and update the app first.

2. Open the Youtube music app.

3. Just Scroll down to see personalized stats.

4. Here you can find the Topmost music listened to by you and others.

5. You can share the playlist by clicking on the bottom of the stats card.


While coming through this month, YouTube Music will apparently increase the accessibility of the 2021 Recap before long. Thus, individual YouTube Music fans presently’s your opportunity to assault others’ web-based media takes care of for once.

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