Apple Music Replay 2021: Check Your Top songs artist and more

If you are already familiar with Spotify Wrapped then you should also know about apple music replay 2021. After launching Spotify Wrapped the fortune company Spotify availed a lot of profits and popularity. In this case, how Apple can leave the opportunity to be popular as well as availing the benefits. So, are you excited to know about the mega launching “Apple Music Replay”?

Apple Music replay 2021

As this is the last month of the year 2021 in this case do you want to see what you have listened to online up to now, who was your favorite artist throughout the year, favorite song genre, albums, podcast, etc?

Fortunately, Apple Music Replay has launched for you before the ending of 2021 so that users can enjoy their ending month of this year. Apple Music Replay allows you to take a recap of whatever music you played, albums, tracks, artists you followed, podcasts you heard, etc.

Although Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay are quite similar still I found Apple Music Replay better than Spotify. Note that this is only my opinion I am not criticizing the other.

Apple Music Replay is actually available and updated year-round. That is you can see your music history anytime throughout the year. But of course, the end of the year is the most common time that people choose to access their Apple Music Replay data.

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How to find Apple Music Replay 2021 stats?

Finding your most-loved songs, artists, podcasts, tracks on Apple Music Replay is as simple as preparing tea. You just have followed some basic steps and you will gotta meet your complete history.

  1. Browse the Apple Music website. (Only website provides this support)
  2. Sign in to your Apple account
  3. Tap on “Get your replay mix”

That’s all now you will find your tracked mp3, followed artists, your personal stats, and listening habits for the year so far.

The new feature of Apple Music Replay provides you the calculated time in hours this means that you can estimate your total spent time on Apple Music. Also, you will find a self-created playlist of your top 100 most played songs with exact play counts. We can say you will get to know about your whole data throughout the year. What you listened to, what was your mood throughout the year, what were your personal listening habits throughout the year, and many more.

It will show you who was your favorite and most-loved artist/musician throughout the year 2021 and further too. If you have not still satisfied, they are too not empty. it also shows your top 10 most played and visited albums of so far the year.

Now, you need not calculate your spent time in music as Apple Music Replay shows users’ total listening time for the year, whenever they want their estimate they can easily access it. You can also add your Replay 2021 playlist to your Apple Music library, as well as playlists for prior years dating back to 2015 as well.

Apple Music Replay is going to create a buzz in the online streaming music industry. Now, there is a huge competition between Spotify Wrapped and Apple music replay.

 Apple Music launched its own version of Spotify Wrapped called Apple Music Replay which reveals your Top Songs, Top Artists and Top Albums of the year, and more.


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