Spotify Keeps Pausing[100% Fixed]

while you are enjoying your favorite music and suddenly it stops that moment is just like the worst moment of your life. Well, if you are facing the Spotify keeps pausing problem on Spotify so this article is just for you. Well, stopping Spotify music, again and again, is called Spotify keeps pausing/crashing/stopping.

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spotify keeps pausing

Now, let’s come to know why Spotify keeps pausing?

Stopping music on the Spotify app can occur because of many reasons. The most common reasons are listed below and then we will tell you how to resolve Spotify’s pausing problem.

  1. Maybe you’re unable to install Spotify properly( Installation interrupt).
  2. Somewhere you have shared your id and password of Spotify music with your friends, family and they are using it parallel to you.
  3. Maybe your internet connection is not of good speed.
  4. Perhaps your Spotify account has been hacked by an unauthorized user.

Spotify Keeps Pausing[100% Fixed]

  1. Turn off your mobile data and then again turn on: Interrupt while playing Spotify music can occur due to the worst internet connection or low internet speed. So, let’s turn off your mobile data for up to 30 seconds and then again turn it on.
  2. Restart your device:

If internet speed is good but still you are facing the same problem then you should re-start your mobile device or whatever device you are using. To do so, you have to just have to long-press your mobile’s side button( use for on the mobile) and choose either switching off the phone or restart the phone. When the process has been done, turn on your mobile and go back to Spotify music.

       3. Log out from Spotify:

if you have done the above tactics but still have the same issues then try this new one. Open the Spotify app, go to your profile or account, and at the bottom, you will see Log out or sign out option just press this and you will be logged out from Spotify. Now, again log in with the same id and password maybe this will be worth it.

        4. Clear Cache:

You should not be wondering upon that every app needs sufficient storage space on your device to run smoothly. The same case is applicable for Spotify also. This space is used for saving music and track data to the cache. This process also uses up some amount of RAM on your device.

So, fixing your Spotify keeps pausing problem requires clearing cache from your mobile device. To clear your cache, go to the settings section, search for the Storage option, and scan the data and there you will find the clear cache option or you can also use an external storage device like a memory card, Pendrive, etc to increase the device storage capacity.

         5. Uninstall and then re-install

If Spotify is generating issues while playing music then it can be a good way to uninstall it and re-install it properly. But never delete the app directly, if you want your data to save while again log-in. First, logging out, and then deleting the app is the correct way of deleting apps. This possibly eliminates stopping music problem. Now, again download the app on your device. Log in with your username and password.

        6. Log Out from everywhere

Many users told that signing out from every device wherever you are using Spotify with the same id and password can solve your problem. To do so, go to your account overview page. After opening this page scroll down a bit and select the Sign Out Everywhere button. Always remember, that this option doesn’t include Spotify partner devices, so it won’t log you out of your PlayStation or Sonos devices.

        7. Check your Wifi connection

It is too normal but still, we have to tell you that it might be possible your device is connected to WIFI or router instead of your mobile data directly and you are continuously turning on-off your mobile data. So, make sure to check your wifi connection whether it is properly connected or not. If yes, then try other ways we have already told you and if not then connect first to wifi and then start enjoying the Spotify music.


The problem is not at the backend of Spotify. The problem only can be with your account or connection. Thus, make sure to apply all the ways which we have covered in this article one by one. We hope your problem will be solved. But still, if you are bearing this irritation so let us know in the comment section below.









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