How to get new Microsoft office UI in windows 11?

Microsoft continuously works on new Microsoft Office UI. Now Microsoft is all set to roll out its new office UI for windows 11 and windows 10 users. However the speculation is already come up previously this year, and they are also reported testing their new Microsoft office UI in the summer of 2021.

 new Microsoft office UI

This new Office UI is intended to coordinate with the visual changes in Windows 11, and it incorporates a more adjusted look to the Office strip bar, for certain unpretentious changes to the buttons all through Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It’s a moderately straightforward revive, and Office will currently coordinate with the dim or light topic that you set inside Windows.

How to get new Microsoft Office UI on Windows 10/11

In this article, we will let you know to get a new Microsoft office UI update on windows 10 and 11 before that you must have a subscription to Microsoft 365 and office 2021.

There are some steps you need to follow in order to get a new office UI on windows 11:-

1. Open the word on your device

2. Tap on the file option above.

3. Now choose the account over there

4. Tap on the Office Insider button.

5. Select the Join Office Insider Button.

6. Select eh office insider channel and choose a beta channel

7. Tick the checkboxes and click on the OK button.

8. Now wait for some time to install the update

9. Now restart and experience new office UI updates in widows 10/11.

Steps to get new Office UI Design in MS Office in Windows 10/11

In order to get a new office UI design, there is the option of coming soon megaphone icon which can be toggled on or off that present in the top right-hand corner of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and One Note. For now, it must be available for all windows 11 users right now.

As per Microsoft, only 50% of current channel subscribers can get this update automatically. So if you haven’t got don’t feel disheartened just follow the above steps.

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How to activate the new Microsoft Office UI in Windows 10/11?

To start your journey with the new User interface of Microsoft office you have to first visit the account section via any Office application whether you are using ms word or ms excel doesn’t matter at all. Click on the Office Insider button and select Join Office Insider.

Now, press OK, MS office will start soon for checking updates and installing the newest beta version. You can follow the progress in the pop-up window.

How to activate the new Microsoft Office UI in Windows?
How to activate the new Microsoft Office UI in Windows?

Make sure to close all the applications related to the office until your latest version would not be installed properly. Never forget to save all changes you have just done. Meanwhile, the latest version has been installed on your laptop note that a new megaphone icon will appear in the upper right corner. You can try this new feature by just clicking on the icon.

If you are not a paid membership holder and you are needed to buy the latest version, we recommend you to visit Microsoft’s official website to purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription. Get the latest tips and find out everything we know about Microsoft Office compatibility on Windows 11.

Also, Make sure to check your PC requirements and specifications before upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office’s new UI in Windows 11. But if you are still using Windows 10 operating system but want to upgrade it to windows 11 here is an article that will help you to download and install Windows 11.

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