Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Selenium

Testing is another great domain in the IT field. This is why we are going to write about the top 5 best apps to learn selenium. Testing is nothing but when a software build that another associated needs to test that what regression is coming, any scenario is not working or any problem related to that software. To make testing easy, there are various tools available in the market but selenium is one of the most effective web automation suites. Best Apps to learn selenium

Selenium is one of the best open-source Web automation test tools. Jason Huggins was the developer of selenium in 2004. It is used to automate various web browsers, platforms, programming languages. It can be worked along with famous languages like python, java, c++, etc. It is easily integrated with Linux, Solaris, Windows, Macintosh and in the same way, it worked well with mobile OS i.e. Android, iOS.

Selenium Learning Apps

On the basis of ranking, reviews, and people’s choices. We curated a list of the best apps to learn selenium. These apps will definityly help software testers, QA’s, BA, and also software developers.

1. Best Apps to Learn Selenium- Selenium Testing:-

For beginners who just thinking to start their careers in the testing domain, this app will be very useful. It will take you through basic topics of selenium testing.  It is developed by PL-store. The app comprises of basic things like the first page to onboard you in the app and you are ready to learn selenium theory. It also constitutes theory about Junit and TestNG.

2. Best Apps to Learn Selenium- Selenium Easy tutorials:-

This app got 2nd slot in the list of best selenium learning apps. In this app, the topics are listed in some way that students will never feel off the topic. From basic topics to complex topics covered in this app. It consists of a selenium web driver, Junit, Ant, Maven, TestNG, JAVA, JExcel, Apache POI, and Jfree Chart.

This app also helps you learn API which is ultimately very helpful to creating the whole automation system. Selenium apps will help you learn selenium-related things anytime and anywhere.

3. Best Apps to Learn Selenium- Selenium Complete Tutorial:-

It is one of the best apps to learn selenium for me. The content that I found in this app is presented inappropriate manner. It will let you learn all the basics of JAVA which is a great programming language to make an automation system. Then It will take you to learn selenium basic concepts to advanced concepts and then Log4j Logging and its advanced Usage, TestNG Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Framework Designing Principles, and Continuous Integration maven.

And if you are preparing for the job interviews in the testing domain, this app can be the future determiner for you because it has a great no. of interviews question available to practice. These questions are frequently asked in the interview rounds.

4. Best Apps to Learn Selenium- Selenium Tutorial:-

This app is basically designed for those who have at least known the basics of automation either selenium or other tools. These apps give you an in-depth understanding of selenium and its related tools. The UI of this app is not much interesting but the topics are cleared from the index points.

This app will cover below-mentioned topics :

Introduction to Selenium
Environment Setup
Remote Control(RC)
Selenese Commands
User Interactions
Test design techniques

5. Best Apps to Learn Testing- Learn Software Testing:-

This is another great app to learn software testing. Before selenium, people need to learn and understand software testing. This app helps them to learn more about software testing and more. For interview purposes also, it is very helpful app.

The app constitutes the following topics.
• Basics of Software Testing
• Myths about Software Testing
• Black-box, White-box and Grey-box testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• Regression Testing
• Acceptance Testing
• Test Plan
• Test Scenario
• Test Case
• Traceability Matrix

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