How to download and install windows 11-Installation Guide

Download and Install Windows 11

Hey, are you excited about an enjoyable feel and awesome experience? don’t think too much, I am talking about Quick Guide to download and install windows 11. Sounds crazy? So, let’s ready to answer your question “How to download windows 11?”
If you don’t know about the launching of windows 11, this is surprising but don’t worry about this as in this article you will be able to know about:
● Features of Windows 11.
● Quick Guide to download and install windows 11
● The launch date of Windows 11
● Steps to download windows 11
● Performance
● Windows 11 Download ISO 32-bit or 64 bit

Actually, Microsoft was announced after launching Windows 10 that they will not launch any windows update in the future but in this competition era, they decided to launch the most relevant and super feel windows 11 model. Now your PC will also work as MAC PC. You don’t need to spend too much for only the better performance of your computer. Yes, you read it right to Download windows 11 for 64 bit or 32-bit operating system is absolutely free. If you want to use windows 11 in place of windows 10 or any old version all you need to do is download and install Windows 11 from their official website and yeah it’s all done. But remember, it’s good to take a backup of your previous windows version.

Now, let me tell you why should you download and install windows 11 on your computer or laptop.

What’s new in Windows 11:

1. Start Menu, Taskbar, Rounded Corners:

When you will download and install windows 11 on your machine then you will come to see a new and fleeky change in windows 10. And this change is in the start menu, taskbar, and corners. Now, in windows, 10 corners are rounded in shape and the taskbar and start menu also are in middle. And this looks pretty change upon windows 10.

2. Themes and Widgets:

Microsoft Windows 11 brought out a set of cool themes and widgets. Now, the windows vista gadgets are used in this version of windows. The main benefit of this is now users can update themself while on the PC. They can get information about whether, newsfeed, etc.

3. Snap Layouts:

Snap Layouts is a feature that allows users to memorize their most-used apps wherever they get memory location.

4. One-Touch Team group integration:

Now, you can connect with everyone and also their devices(android and ios) don’t matter.

5. Run an Android application on your PC containing Windows 11:

The most valuable and useful change finally now occurs in Windows 11. Now you can run any android application in your Windows 11 Operating system.

6. Multiple Screen Support on main display:

This feature is most beneficial for engineers, businesses man, students as they have to switch one screen to another screen now they don’t need to go on another window by a click as they can see multiple screens on the main display. It is like a split-screen feature in mobile phones but in mobile, it is limited to only 2 applications but in Windows 11 you can use multiple applications and websites at a time.

7. Touch Keyboard, file explorer:

The look and feel of the keypad and file explorer now totally has been changed. Now in file explorer, there are mini-icons for every tool representation.

8. Performance:

In terms of performance, I would say it is going to become a competitor of Macbook performance. When you will use it then you came to know that how smooth is this and its flow is greater than the waterfall. Really, an awesome change Microsoft launched in the market. Some of its performances are given below:
1. Faster Booting.
2. Faster running applications and software.
3. Power-efficient
4. Easy to use

How to upgrade windows 10 into windows 11:

Here is quick support by using which you can download and install windows 11 on your laptop or computer. Actually, until now Microsoft doesn’t launch it officially on their website but most probably in October 2021, they will launch the official version of Windows 11. Once, this will upload by the fortune company Microsoft then everyone will allow to download and install windows 11.

Windows 11 Download 32-64 Bit Installation Process:-

● Browse in the search engine for ISO files on the website.
● After it, take a USB drive with at least 16 Gb of space.
● Rufus can help you to make the Pendrive bootable.
● Choose Windows 11 ISO file and launch the booted file which you downloaded.
● Set the settings at default.
● Now, your USB Drive would have a flash of Windows 11.
● Now, select drive wherever you want to download and install Windows 11.
● All setup, now restart your computer.
● Now click on Boot device and press enter mean-while you press enter the process will begin.
● Now, you can customize according to your language, keyboard input method, and time.
● Now, just press install.
● Now, it will ask for a product key and you have to say I don’t have any product key.

Now, to install, select the Windows 11 edition.

But here are some requirements that you all need to have fulfilled. These are as follows:

● 64-bit 1 Gigahertz with 2+ core processor.
● Greater than 9 Degree HD Resolution 720p: screen resolution
● At least 4 Gb RAM.
● 64 Gb hard disk space should have.

Windows 11 Configuration Required:

● 4 Gb RAM or more than this.
● 2 GHz dual-core processor.
● 64 Gb hard disk space available
● 9 Degree HD Resolution 720p: screen resolution

The real version can go between 4.5 Gb to 6 Gb.

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