6 Best Backup solutions for medium sized business

backup solutions for medium sized business

Are you 100 % sure about your business data protection?

Don’t say Yes at any cost if you are not having your data backup either in the cloud storage or external disk. In business, competition is increasing day by day and without having data backup you can’t live happily. Well, this article will let you know about the 6 best backup solutions for medium sized business.

Data is not different from money anyhow. If you are sure with your data security then you are certainly sure with your money savings. So, you should not take even a bit of risk about your data security.

System failures, data hacking, server loss are very natural disasters in the business world but not having the safety, protection of your important business data introduces that how foolish you are.

So, don’t give the opportunity to your competitors that they will call you a dumb businessman/woman. Simply, follow the basic data backup plans or methods to store your data in the cloud or any other place.

Follow the below-mentioned backup ways to take backup solutions for medium sized businesses. All the solutions are amazing and directly-indirectly all are server backup cloud solutions or we can say cloud backup solutions for medium business.

Best backup solutions for medium sized business

1. CrashPlan:

Enterprise-grade data loss protection at small business prices. CrashPlan for Small Business makes protecting files on your devices easy. Just US$10/month per computer. CrashPlan data backup solution gives you full security about your business data and also gives you peace of mind. All the data protection you need in one online cloud backup solution. CrashPlan for Small Business customers have saved their businesses, eliminated countless hours manually protecting and restoring files – and dramatically reduced costly infrastructure and overhead.


  • No file size prohibition
  • Customize file retention
  • Endless protection
  • Restore files from any computer
  • Smart protection
  • External HD protection
  • Smart continuous backup
  • Continuous support

2. Carbonite:

Carbonite is on the second number on our list after CrashPlan. On carbonite you will find out three backup plans for taking a backup of your data. There are three types of backup solutions Home backup, Business solution, professional backup, and you are allowed to pay for any plan either Basic or plus, or prime.


  • Unlimited backup
  • Secure, encrypted cloud
  • Automatic file and photo backup
  • Supports all file and phototypes
  • Remote file access from any device
  • External hard drive backup
  • Courier delivery of recovered files

3. SAN backup solution:

A SAN (storage area network) is a network that can be considered as a shared storage space pool for multiple devices at a time.  Each computer has the right to access storage from the SAN network as they were local devices connected to a computer for storage and backup.

SANs networks are most commonly used by enterprises for business-critical applications that need to deliver high outturn and low latency. SANs enable organizations for security, data protection, and disaster recovery as it is using cloud server-based architecture.

4. Acronis

Acronis‘ backup solution offers a wide range of options, from simple file backup on workstations to application-based backup in servers. Its reports provide detailed information on failures and successes, facilitating issue detection and troubleshooting. The product is suitable for small to medium-sized companies looking for a hybrid cloud solution that provides a solid and reliable backup, and also offers a good level of tech support. In the case of larger systems and bigger networks, Acronis falls short, and a product for bigger companies should be taken into consideration.

5. Veeam

Veeam is one of the best cloud services for backup your business data. You can make an approximation of its service by just visiting their website. Let’s have a look at various features the company provides you. it keeps your medium sized business data safe with native, immutable, and malware-safe storage for your backups.


  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Data reuse
  • Storage
  • Replication

6. Unitrends

Reduce your fear about data loss, ransomware, risk.

Unitrends focuses on protecting all your data no matter where it exists. get Unified BCDR with backup facility only on unitrends. The motive behind developing unitrends backup solution is to converge enterprise backup and ransomware detection into an all-in-one platform that’s also easy to install and manage. It also allows for multi-server scheduling and customized backup strategies.


  • Cloud plus disaster recovery
  • Backup Appliances + Software
  • Security
  • Lowest prices


So far we have discussed the top 6 best backup solutions for medium sized businesses hope you find these helpful to you and your business. If you love this article, don’t forget to drop your comment in the comment section. also share this one with the needy.

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