10 December Global Holidays:- All Around the World

December global holidays, Are you excited about celebrating Christmas Day on 25 December? Well, everybody answers yes as Santa’s day not only celebrate in the USA but also almost is celebrated around the globe. Everybody from kids to old men knows about Christmas Day but do you know apart from Christmas day there are a plethora of days to have a celebration or party on that special day and those days are also a reason for December global holidays.

Well, if you don’t know so this article is for you so without leaving any single word read this article carefully and know about December global holidays and let’s tell your friends and relatives about the fests and occasions they get a holiday for.

December Global Holidays


December Global Holidays:

This article will let you introduce all types of fests and occasions that are celebrated throughout the country including religious, cultural, etc. We will introduce you to not only the festival name but also the festival date and location, where it is celebrated. So, let’s have a look below.

1. Hanukkah

When it falls: 28 November- 6 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Israel and different countries, having the majority of Jewish people

Hanukkah is a long-term celebration which celebrates for 8 days. Hanukkah is a major occasion for Jewish people and it is also known as the festival of lights as Diwali (An Indian Festival ). Hanukkah comes under the religious category,  is a celebration of Judaism, and commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. People celebrate these 8 days throughout the festival by lighting candles, lights, gifts, and presents, also they use to eat traditional Hanukkah food, such as latkes, sufganiyot.


2. Krampusnacht

When it falls: 5 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Austria

For a long time ago in the parts of Europe and Germany Krampusnacht is celebrated. On This fest, the Krampus, a wild demonic long hairy figure and the antithesis of jolly St Nick, arrives in towns to and bless good children and take wicked ones away from their houses, and start-up bringing them into their world. You can co-relate this to the concept of Naughty and Nice List.

3. Bodhi Day

When it falls: 8 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Japan

As the name clears this festival is related to Lord Buddha. A few Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth by remembering his edification, and demise all on his birthday. They call the festival Vesak and follow the lunar schedule to plan for the recognition. Mahayana Buddhists in China, Korea, and Vietnam separate Vesak into three separate heavenly days. One of the three days incorporates  Bodhi Day. According to the Lunar schedule, Mahayana Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day on the eighth day of December, the last month of the year which symbolizes the dates changing from one year to the next bright year.


4. Santa Lucia

When it falls:  13 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Italy

Doesn’t matter whether you are saying Santa Lucia or Saint Lucy’s Day, is one of the ferial days in the Christian calendar in the memory of, a martyr lady or we must say she is considered as a figure of light in the darkest part of the year. IFor Scandinavia, Santa Lucia’s day is an important day, where the day is celebrated in the way of singing songs, playing piano, drinks, food, etc.


5. Las Posadas

When it falls:  16 December- 24 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Mexico and Guatemala

Las Posadas is also a long-term December global holidays festival that runs up to 9 days starting from 16 December. Las Posadas memorizes the period of Mary’s pregnancy. During the celebration days, Every evening, one family accepts to house the explorers. Hard figures and pictures, and candles show the celebration.


6. December Solstice and Yule

When it falls:  21 December ( after every 11 years)

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Northern Hemisphere

Winter solstice or the December solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, represents the minimum duration day and the maximum duration night for half of the world. Many modern traditions like caroling and Yule logs (which used to be an actual log, not a chocolate cake) stem from the ancient 12-day festival.


7. Festivus

When it falls:  23 December

Category: Parody

Where It’s Celebrated: USA

Festivus is a December worldwide Holiday that entered the mainstream society in 1997, politeness of a scene on the Seinfeld show named “The Strike.” The goal of this spoof occasion is to take a stand in opposition to Christmas industrialism. Instead of buying a costly Christmas tree, Festivus is set apart by waiting around a plain aluminum shaft. Other famous Festivus customs incorporate “amazing accomplishments” and “circulating of complaints.”

8. Christmas

When it falls:  25 December

Category: Religious

Where It’s Celebrated: Worldwide

We are not 99% sure but 100% sure that you are already familiar with Christmas Day on 25 December. A huge celebration day in the Christian calendar, Christmas is celebrated in memory of the birth of Jesus. Although Christmas is a religious festival of Christian people, plenty of people worldwide celebrates Christmas for non-religious reasons too. Mainly, we find the enthusiasm in kids to enjoy every new Christmas. People decorate trees, arrange gifts, sweets, and all. Every country has its own way of celebrating and enjoying Christmas Day. But the decoration of the X-mas tree is common in every country.

9 . Kwanzaa

When it falls:  26 December- 1 January

Category: cultural

Where It’s Celebrated: Africa and USA

Since the 1960s, the USA and Africa have continuously celebrated Kwanzaa as an annual celebration of their culture, culminating in a sectarian fest. The Festival includes dancing, performance, and candle-lighting, starting of good things as a mark of festival celebration.


10. New year’s Eve

When it falls:  31 December

Category: Usual

Where It’s Celebrated: Globally

New year’s eve meant by the evening of 31 December of every year. New year’s eve celebrations in every corner of the world. People forget their bad memories this evening and start their upcoming journey with new charm and smiles. On the next morning, everyone wishes their relatives, friends, and families for the new year. The celebration includes sweets, parties, whisky, wine, cold drinks, soft drinks, snacks, delicious food, etc in addition to dancing and singing.


So, we are now familiar with December global holidays, we hope you got this article informative, if so then please drop a comment in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this article.

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