Chrome Dev Summit 2021: Everything You Need To Know About

Chrome Dev Summit 2021

Here is the World’s Biggest Chrome Dev Summit 2021 is going to happen on 3 Nov 2021, where developers from around the world learn something cool from this summit. There are many conferences and events that happened every year by Google like Google Hardware Events.

What is Chrome Dev Summit 2021?

Basically, Chrome Developer Summit 2021 is the 9th annual summit(conference) in series where developers can learn about the latest tools, technologies, and updates to Google Chrome Browsers.  The first Chrome developer summit was held in 2015. In this summit where chrome product and engineering team, as well as wider community, come together to build the future of the web. The audience will find out about platform updates, architectural guidance, developer tooling, case analyses, and open doors for expanded reach and commitment on the web.

How To Watch or Register For Chrome Dev Summit 2021?

Due to the covid-19 worldwide pandemic, this 8th Chrome Developer Summit 2021 is going to be held virtually. That’s why there is no registration you need to do for this year’s summit. However, you can watch the whole chrome developer summit 2020 hosted virtually here.

Maybe there are some workshops and office hours that will happen. So you need to send a request an invite(which requires a google sign-in). If you are selected to participate, then you’ll receive a confirmation by Tuesday, 17 November.

Events in Chrome Dev Summit 2021

Summit long event consists of a session, Q/A, Workshops, Office Hours, and many more.

Sessions: The session was hosted by chromium experts on Youtube. Day 1 sessions will focus on building strong foundations for the modern web, while Day 2 sessions will show how you can focus on building incredible experiences on top of the solid foundations.

Live Chat Q&A: The audience has a great chance to get answers to their question in the chrome developer summit 2020 in Youtube live session.
Workshops: These workshops will be conducted by experts from the community(obviously from non Googlers). This is very limited in no. of spots. Workshops more focused on beginner to intermediate level topics, from PWA to CSS. For this, you need to send an invite. And Office Hours also available which I already discussed above.


If you are a web developer or web enthusiast then you should watch Chrom Deve summit 2021. This summit will give you a lot of information on updated tools and technologies for the chrome platform.
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