Android dev summit 2021 || How to Register|| Who can Participate

Android dev summit 2021

Hey, Developers! Are you developing new, different, and exciting projects using your coding/programming skills? But wait, do you know you can show your skills before the world and can make money as well as you can earn fame and reputation in your college or in a company you are working. Excited now? So, let’s get ready to travel to the miracle fest and the miracle is generally known as Android dev summit 2021 that is organized every year like Devfest. This android dev summit is also organized by Google. Same for this year android summit 2021 date has been out. It is going to start from 27th October, 2021 and end after 2 days.

What is Android Summit 2021?

Android dev summit 2021 is an opportunity to ace your android development skills through this virtual program. You will be directly guided by Google’s community. Also, you can connect with so many android developers around the world. The event(android summit 2021) will start sharp at 10 AM on the 27th October with an android show that will compact the whole details and latest android updates for Android developers.
Basically, it will be a virtual event and it includes 30 sessions that will divide on ranges and topics to be covered in a particular duration of time. In the virtual sessions Googlers will answer primarily those questions which will be asked with hashtags. So, remember to tag your query with a hashtag.

What is the theme of Android dev summit 2021?

This year the theme is different as per developers requirement and the technology changing world.Theme of android dev summit 2021 is excellent apps and across devices. You can also learn the development tools, APIs and technologies which will help you to make your career towards android app development.
The program will kick start with a 50-minute keynote as an android show. In this 2 days program there will be 30+ tech talks and discussion by the professionals.

Why should you participate in Devfest India 2021?

If you wanna improve your android development skills, practical skills and also are you someone who is totally frustrated with bugs in your code or are you looking for a peer?
So, Android dev summit 2021 is for you. This year Google’s android community is going to organize safe, virtual as well as separate space for every developer. While learning with android dev summit 2021 you will be getting knowledge regarding development specially android development also you will be job-ready Java Developer, Android developer and you will improve your mind with flash talks, you can earn badges of participation in android dev summit that is a fame itself. And you can earn goodies too. That will brush-up your resume.

When will the Android Dev Summit be hosted in 2021?

The Android Dev Summit 2021 date has already been scheduled and the date is from October 27, 2021 to October 28, 2021.

Who can be a participant in Android dev summit 2021?

Anyone with a passion for Developing, learning, experimenting, coding can register for Android Dev Summit 2021.
How to be a participant of Android Dev Summit 2021 OR How to register for Android De Summit in 2021?
Now, if you are thinking of being a part of Android Dev Summit 2021. So, first you have to register yourself.

Follow the steps listed below to register yourself.

On a browser, go to Google and search for Android Dev Summit 2021.
Click on the first link.
The link will redirect you to the Android Dev Summit website.
From here also you can collect some information about the event.
Now, Click on Sign Up yourself.
Fill up some details asked in the boxes.
There are three choices of your interest. Click on that in which you are really interested(You can tick more than also).
Don’t forget to assure that you want to mail them.
Fill up the Captcha code.
And now click on Subscribe.

Voila! It’s done, now you will be notified for programs conducted by Android Dev Community. Also, you can follow them on social media like Instagram, twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Some frequently asked questions about Android Dev Summit 2021.

Is it mandatory to register for participation in this event?

Yes, for each individual registration is a mandatory step.

I am a beginner in programming. Can I still register?

Of course, you can register. There are lots of special tracks discussed by the professionals specially for beginners.

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