Reseller Hosting- A Perfect way to earn money online

Reseller Hosting- A Perfect way to earn money online


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First of all, let me tell you what is reseller hosting? , How can you become a hosting reseller? , Which reseller hosting service provider is best? How to earn money online from Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

Basically, reseller hosting is just a business in which a person purchases a hosting package from a hosting service provider and resells that hosting package to another person at more price than the initial cost.

It is similar to a property business let’s take an example to clarify, what the reseller hosting actually is?

So, let’s say you bought a plot and you would sell it at more price than before.

Basically, reseller hosting offers hosting services to the clients wherein you act as a hosting company. Reseller hosting is one of the most beneficial and effective ways to make money online.

Who can become a hosting reseller?

To be a Hosting Reseller is not as easy as it sounds. Reseller Hosting is offered by the company which provides web development services. A company that deals with web services and has an effective Client base can only become a successful Hosting Reseller.


Advantages of being a hosting reseller:


  1. It allows you to create your own hosting brand.
  2. You can grow your small business towards big but gradually.
  3. Earn profit.
  4. You don’t need to maintain the server as you are using your own web hosting provider. The server management has been already done for you by the hosting service provider. You don’t need to be an expert in this area.

How to start a reseller hosting business to earn online money?

If you want to be a hosting reseller, you must have to follow the following steps.

  1. Choose a reliable web hosting company.
  2. Buy hosting package.
  3. Take an overview of your target audience.
  4. Plan package as per your desire.
  5. Benefit and measurement.


1. Choose a reliable web hosting company:

The first step before locating the Reseller Hosting Business is to pick a reliable web hosting company that is providing a Reseller Hosting package. Now the question arises from where we came to know about these companies.

So, there is some web hosting service provider listed below:

1. Hostinger

2. Bluehost

3. GoDaddy

4. Hostgator

5. Bigrock

2. Buy hosting package:

There are various Reseller web hosting packages are available. But it is good to first compare the storage space and bandwidth of your web host after it selects the Reseller web hosting package for starting your Reseller hosting Business.

3. Take an overview of your target audience:

If you are thinking to become a reseller, first of all, you must analyze the target clients. It is an essential part of your business to learn about your target customers. If you just start your business make sure that your target audience will be a web designer or web developer because they would require less storage space and bandwidth.

4. Plan your own Package:

Once you have purchased your own web hosting provider now, you can think about your own package plan as per your client’s needs. You can manage your package for your customers and display it on your website.

5. Select Technical Support Option for you:

Ensure what customer support you are going to provide to your clients. Most customers want 24*7 customer supports via phone calls. To do this, you need to have a large staff. But Make sure that you are providing technical support which will be perfect for solving your customer’s problem.

6. Benefit and measurement:

So now, you are ready to earn money by Reseller Hosting because you have done the most important steps to be a hosting reseller. These steps include, you have purchased Reseller hosting, market research, planning your own hosting service provider package, and have decided about the client brace.

OK so, this is the right time to make a profit from your reseller hosting. Your profit is depending upon the cost you are paying for Reseller Hosting or for what price you are offering the hosting package to your clients.



To be a hosting reseller is not that easy but if you fulfill the criteria which we discussed above in this article, you can look forward to being one Reseller host. You can earn a heavy profit if you and your web hosting provider will be able to fulfill the demand of your customers/clients.

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