Best Apps And Sites to Learn R Programming Language

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What is R programming?

Best Apps And Sites to Learn R Programming Language


Basically, R is a programming language, not a scripting language. It was invented by Robert Gentleman in the year 1993. R contains a large catalog of graphical and statistical methods including machine learning algorithms, time series, linear regression, statistical inference. Mostly R libraries are written in R itself, but for some heavy computational works, C, C++, and Fortran codes are preferred by the R team.

Generally, R programming language is not in our academics syllabus, but many Product based companies use the R programming language, including Uber, Google, Facebook, etc.


Top R Programming Language learning apps and sites


1. Apps to Learn R Programming Language- DataCamp:-


Best Apps And Sites to Learn R Programming Language
In this app, you will learn R programming step by step. The overall rating of this app is too good and this app has been crossed 1M downloads. The main advantage of using this app is you will get things in a structured form. This amazing app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for absolutely free. You can also learn data science, analytics, and machine learning in Python, SQL by downloading this app.

2. Apps to Learn R Programming Language-Learn R programming:-

Apps to Learn R Programming Language-


As the name of this free app is large same this app is containing large content related to R programming. The app is really very easy to use and the overall rating is also greater than 4.7 and more than 50K downloads. In this app, you will find R programming theory tutorials, programs & more. We must say it is worthy to download. You can easily find it on Google Play Store. Or can download it by click on the Google Play Store.


3. Apps to Learn R Programming Language-R-Programming:

Apps to Learn R Programming language

Through this free app, you will come to know all the basics of R-programming and can be able to build basic programming. The overall rating of this app is pretty good to increase the level of excitement to download it and the downloads up to now have been crossed 10K. This app is also easy for your android. Find it again on Google Play Store.

4. Sites to Learn R Programming Language- Coursera:-

Site to Learn R Programming language


Basically, Coursera is an e-Learning leading online Platform. Coursera collaborated with various leading universities throughout the world like Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Penn State, etc. They are providing various trending courses including Cloud Computing and they also provide you the verified certificate of course completion which you can use in your resume. You can find Coursera from here or on Google Play Store. Go for R-programming courses on Coursera click me.

5. Sites to Learn R Programming language- Edx:-

By taking this introduction to R programming course you will master all the basics concepts. There are seven partitions, where you will cover basic syntax and data analysis using R programming. Starting from variables and basic operations, you will learn how to handle data structures, such as matrices, vectors, data frames and lists, graphical capabilities of R, and learn steps to create data visualizations for data science. You can refer to this link to go for edx website.


6. Sites to Learn R Programming Language- Udemy:-

This is a beginner level course, which will teach you about the basic structure of R, including packages, navigation in the RStudio interface, making of basic graphs, how to perform basic commands in the R programming language, as well as handling of packages, and how to use R help tools, etc. This course is on Udemy but doesn’t be worry this is absolutely for free and has a 4.5+ rating on Udemy. Click here to start learning.

Note: Coursera, edx, Udemy are also available on the Google Play Store in the form of an android app.

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