Spotify Launches Spotify’s Greenroom Rival of Clubhouse

Finally, the official rival of Clubhouse is launched by Spotify, named Greenroom. Greenroom is an alternative to the clubhouse app launched by Spotify itself today. It is available on both platforms iOS and Android. This is the first attempt by Spotify to make a social media platform.

What is Spotifys’ Greenroom?

Similar to the clubhouse, Greenroom is a social audio app launched by Spotify that lets users host their talks on various topics like music, sports, and much more. Join unique liver rooms with various trending conversations like sports, music, etc. With this, there is a preview of the upcoming room also available that can be added to your calendar. Users can find people, specific rooms by searching.

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Although in March, Spotify reported it was bringing the organization behind the games-centered audio application Locker Room to help speed its entrance into the live audio market. Today, the organization is following through on that arrangement with the dispatch of Spotify Greenroom, another versatile app that permits Spotify users worldwide to join or host live sound rooms, and alternatively transform those discussions into digital broadcasts. It’s likewise declaring a Creator Fund that will help fuel the new app with more substance later on.

This Spotify greenroom app is like an upgraded version of Locker Room. So the existing users of Locker Rooms can download the update and install to get branded Spotify’s Greenroom experience.

Download:- GreenRoom iOS app

How to Use Spotify’s Greenroom app?

The users can make their accounts or signup with the existed Spotify login which is not a required step to use the app. At the opening, the app lets you choose your interest with a variety of topics like tech, politics, music, etc. And then create room on the topics or can join others as per your interest. And start conversations with others. 
There is a very interesting feature present in this app, that most engaged or popular rooms will get money on the basis of some policies. Although it is not confirmed by Spotify that how much amount will they give to creators. If you want to be paid by Spotify’s Greenroom then do registration here.

Future of Social Audio

Now Spotify launches its own social audio app called Greenroom. Each tech organization presently is by all accounts inspired by friendly sound, a thing that didn’t broadly exist until March 2020, when Clubhouse launched. From that point forward, Twitter has dispatched Spaces, Facebook facilitated its initially Live Rooms, and different organizations, similar to Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord have begun building comparable items. Spotify may have the most obvious opportunity with regards to making social sound a genuine piece of its business, basically on the grounds that sound is now its full-time thing. In any case, getting individuals to join an application live and invest energy in it is a troublesome sell and one that will require top-level programming, particularly as it contends with the wide range of various applications out there.

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