iOS 15 Enables Cross-App Drag and Drop Items Feature

As we know that, iOS 15 will son release in the upcoming months most probably in September 2021 month. The iOS 15 beta phase is going on, there are a lot of amazing features added to iOS 15. Now iOS 15 introduced the ioS 15 cross-app drag and drop features that will help users to do more engaging stuff.


iOS 15 drag and drop features

This functionality already introduced to the iPad in 2017, the users are demanding to iPhone too. Finally, the iOS 15 brings these features to iPhones. 

Although the beta version of iOS 15 lets users drag and drop any image, text by long pressing on the display and the user’s other finger. And as soon as the other apps open the user can go to another app and drop the content. Viewable signs and liveliness give signs if the activity can be finished or not. Adding a thing to drag should be possible by tapping them utilizing the subsequent finger. The substance will look as though it’s stacked on top of one another, which is then hauled to the objective application.

Let’s understand by example, suppose there will be content taken by long-press on menu window in mobile and at the same time with other finger users can open an app like Gmail to drop the content without doing so much stuff. So we can see how easy to send content to others by using this iOS 15 beat feature. 

This is a very small feature but very useful. So keep stick to use to get the latest updates about iOS 15. 

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