Top 5 Android Apps to Detect Radiation

Top 5 Android Apps to Detect Radiation in 2020


In the digital world, it’s been very easier to detect radiation with the help of the mobile app. In this article, we are going to witness the best Android Apps to Detect Radiation in 2020. There are many android or iOS apps available on the app stores to detect radiation.

Before getting to know the apps to detect the radiation. Let’s understand the radiation actually it is.

In physics, radiation is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium. The radiation Detection android app will show how one is exposed to radiation.

The excess measure of radiation can be very harmful, even savage, and proceeded with an introduction to low portions that can likewise negatively affect your wellbeing. Using cell phones, wireless networks and x-rays are the major sources of radiation. Although, there are many sources of radiation present daily to daily life. Let’s explore the best 5 Android apps to detect radiation in 2020.

Best 5 Android Apps To Detect Radiation

Android Apps To Detect Radiation #1- Pocket Geiger:

It is one of the best android apps to detect radiation. Pocket Geiger radiation detector apps take the help of a microphone of a mobile phone to find the presence of Electro Magnetic Radiation(EMR). This app just converts the microphone into a reverse pin diode that makes it able to measure EMR. This is how it works. Pocket Geiger is free to use and you can download it from the play store.

Android Apps To Detect Radiation #2- Tawkon:

As we know that, we can remain safe from radiation because radiation is present everywhere around you. Tawkon is an android radiation detector app used to measure the radiation emitted from any cell phone. The best thing about this android radiation detection app is a recommendation that makes you cause minimal radiation. It measures and tracks radiation levels, yet in addition, offers exhortation on the best way to limit presentation. It gives constant input on SAR information.
These are the feature of Tawkon that makes it one of the best android apps to detect radiation.

Android Apps To Detect Radiation #3- Radioactivity Counter:

The name of the app itself clearing the working. Here is an amazing fact about the radioactivity counter that this app made by professional researchers in the field of EMF or radiation. This is why it is one of the best-rated app to detect the radiation.

The principle highlight of this application is that it can quantify radiation from 2-10 Gy to 1-10 Gy/h. It can successfully recognize gamma radiation and higher measures of beta radiation, contingent upon the shield used in the cell phone. You can get this application on your cell phone for $ 253.48 per year. The application size is 1.5 MB.

Android Apps To Detect Radiation #4-Radiation Meter, EMF Radiation Detector:

By using the Radiation Meter app, users can easily get to know about the presence of radiation.
The working of the Radiation Meter app is very simple, it integrated with the magnetic sensor of the android phone to detect the magnetic field around you.
It requires a magnetic sensor, it doesn’t integrate with those mobiles which have no magnetic sensor or magnetometer. Attractive field quality is estimated in μT (miniature tesla). Best android app to detect radiation.
THE regular EMF level is about 49μT(microtesla) or 490mG(Milli gauss). 1μT = 10mG. The μT(microtesla) esteem increments subsequent to discovering metal action around you.

Android Apps To Detect Radiation #5-Ultimate EMF Detector:

Ultimate offer both free and pro subscription for the users It is one of the best apps to detect radiation.
There are many themes available that make this app more beautiful(Graphics and UI).
To measure the presence of EMF, this app uses a magnetic sensor to detect radiation and show reading the line of LEDs and needle meter. The Ultimate EMF detector app is one f the best application detector in 2020.

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