Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020

Every year Devfest – An India’s largest Developer Event Or Conclave organized by Google Developers Group of India. Devfest India 2020- 16th to18th October 2020.


Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020




The countdown started for the India Biggest Developer Conclve i.e. Devefest India 2020. In 2020, Around 50+ Google Developers Group of India come together to organize this devest India 2020 with different backgrounds or races. Devfest India 2020 is going to organize on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of October 2020.
In the last article, I posted about GDG working pillars, a little about Devfest India 2020. If you’re interested in Android, Cloud, Web, Flutter, ML technologies, this devfest is just for you. So take advantage of these pandemic days to learn some new technologies while sitting at home.
There are many events that are lined-up for the developer in a 3-day fest like question-answers, hands-on-workshop, and much more. There is no pre-requisite to attend this event except your zeal.

Devfest India 2020 consists of 5 tracks of different technologies

Given below are the Devfest tracks of different technologies. So just take the benefit of learning from here as much as possible.

1. Mobile:


Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020


In this track, the speakers of Mobile track will build a clone of the BookMyShow app using UI basics, loading dynamic content from the server, and also describe the ways to make that app available offline. Most Importantly, these sessions will carry out in just 3 hours over 3 days. So tech enthusiasts just registers yourself at Devfest India 2020 to witness this amazing learning from the experts.

2. Web:

Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020


This track will consist of a hand-on-workshop to make build an amazing Pokemon website from scratch. It will be a Fast, Integrated, Reliable and Engaging Progressive Web App deployed over the firebase so that one can get a full understanding end to end development.  The full hands-on workshop will be completed in 3 hours over 3 days.

3. Machine learning:

Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020


If you want to know more about machine learning models and how to work with the end to end development, this track is just for you. In the Machine Learning track, the experts build an end to end predictive model pipeline using colab for starters then will learn to use DevOps for Machine Learning and conclude it with an image classification case study to classify tumors in health reports using TensorFlow(open-source platform for machine learning). This session will also bind up in less than 3 hours over 3 days during Devfest India 2020.

4. Cloud:

Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020


This is a very beginner-friendly session for anyone who has no idea about the cloud. In this session, the Developer will get a tour of what is Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and then deploying applications and analyzing data on with Big Query and ML, all on Google Cloud.

5. Flutter:

Everything You Need To Know About Devfest India 2020


Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. Throughout this session, participants will build the cross-platform application for mobile and web covering the concepts of end to end UI development with responsive layouts, navigation concepts, and API management.
Note: Every Track will take less than 3 hours over 3 days of Devfest India 2020.
During these sessions, one can also win exciting swags or prizes by giving answers to different questions will ask in a various contest that will happen over 3 days of Devfest India 2020.


Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller’s perfect definition of community. Join Devfest India 2020(#YouCanBeAnArtist) to a virtual event and learn something exceptional.
Join your nearby GDG community to connect, learn something from there, and grow yourself while helping others. BTW I am a member of GDG Gwalior(amazing community).
Connect with Devfest India on Twitter.
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