How To Earn Money from Android Apps?

Earning money from your android phone is as simple as you playing a game. Only you need to have proper knowledge and info of authentic apps. In this article, we are going to talk about how to earn money from android apps. 

Although, there are many apps that pay you money for using them. Some apps give you money for watching videos, taking photos, playing games, and downloading apps. So why not use them to earn some penny. So Without wasting time let’s go on the list of apps to earn money from the android app in 2021.

Top 5 Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021

Let’s move to the info of these apps. How one can earn money from an android app. Now let’s explore the android apps that pay you real money.

1. Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021: GETMEGA


In this revolutionary world, you can also win real money by playing on online platforms. On that front, GetMega is your safest online platform that gives you an opportunity to earn real rewards and cash. Megashots Internet Private Limited (the developers of the app) has left no stones unturned by designing such a brilliant app in the name of GetMega. The team of developers has played it amazingly by creating an astounding UI or user interface, thereby guaranteeing a brilliant user experience or UX too!

The GetMega application is 100% genuine, where only verified real players can play. The best part of joining the pool of gamers on GetMega is that it gives 100% cashback offers on your first deposit. For that, you just need to use the coupon code: LIST2ELQ

Features of The GetMega App

Given the paramount prominence of GetMega in this smartphone-centric world, you get the following perks after registering your name with this app:

#1 Leaderboard Running for 24*7

#2 Authentic Cash Withdrawal Options

#3 A Great Chat Support Feature

#4 Certifications

#5 A Video Chatting Feature

#6 A Wide Range of Games

GetMega offers more than 12 games besides Rummy around 3 categories such as:

  1. Cards (Poker and Rummy)
  2. Trivia (GK, 123, and more) and
  3. Casual (Pool, Carrom, etc.)

Play games on GetMega and receive 100% Cashback on the first deposit using this code: LIST2ELQ


  1. You can play games and win cash prizes
  2. The leaderboard is available on a daily, weekly, and hourly basis
  3. You get a free entry for the leaderboard
  4. The platform is RNG & AIGF Certified
  5. Live Chatting Option
  6. Withdrawal within one minute or less
  7. Video Chatting Feature available
  8. Get served with Re 1
  9. You can deposit Rs. 10

Unique Selling Point:

Play Pool, Carrom, Rummy with Your Friends & Family on GetMega And Enjoy Its Video Chat Feature.

2. Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021: Swagbucks

How To Earn Money from Android Apps?
Swagbuck is the all-time best way to earn money from the android app in 2021. Swagbuck is available for both android and web apps to earn real cash. What you need to earn money from Swagbucks is just to answer the survey question given by the app.  Swagbucks pays money to you for answering surveys, watching videos, and also for playing games. And one can take the survey as much as possible because there is no limit.

3. Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021: Google’s Opinion Reward

How To Earn Money from Android Apps?
Google’s Opinion Reward is a very authentic way to earn money from an android app in 2021. The problem with this app that you can spend money on just google products like you can spend on google play store, google books, or youtube.
In Google’s Opinion Reward, you need to participate in the survey offered by Google to earn money.

4. Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021: Cointiply

How To Earn Money from Android Apps?
Cointiply is like Swagbucks yet in cointiply, we win cash as bitcoin which converts into genuine cash through some site like CoinBase and Binance. You can earn bitcoin from the android app i.e. cointiply.
What sort of errand gave in cointiplay taking reviews, download and introduce applications, mess around, and watching recordings promotion advertisements.

5. Android Apps to Earn Money in 2021: Featurepoint

How To Earn Money from Android Apps?
FeaturePoint paid over 5.8 million dollars since its launched in 2012, You can acquire cash for attempting free applications, finishing reviews, shopping on the web, and more to procure cash and focuses. Earn money from the android app in Featurepoint. You can use your point in different ways like in  PayPal to change over genuine money, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, and some more.
Note:- Some of these apps may not available in your country. 


Just try these apps to earn money from android apps in 2021. Although there are more apps to earn money I will cover those in the article so stay connected with us to know the ways to earn money online.
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