How To Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad?

Finally, You can play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad.




How To Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad?





We know apple already banned cloud gaming support which lets you not play any Xbox Games. But now you can play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad. In this article, we will let you know how can you play  Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad.

After blocking Cloud gaming support by apple on iOS, the new iOS app Xbox will let you play the Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad via remote play.

The Xbox games stream directly to iPhone and iPad via remote play that uses Xbox console and local connection to the same, and also not violating apple’s app store rules.


Remote Play is no new thing in the industry. The feature has been around for quite a while on Windows 10 PCs – having the alternative to bounce on a game while the TV is being used or while you’re packaged up in bed is consistently welcome, especially for iPhone clients who can’t exploit cloud gaming.


How To Play Xbox Games on iPhone and iPad?

Basically, download the new iOS Xbox application (which is additionally accessible on Android), open it up and click on the console symbol close to the notification bell. You’ll at that point have the option to begin a remote play session. Ensure your console is set to moment on mode, however, as this way you can begin playing distantly without expecting to truly turn your Xbox on.



The new Xbox application is definitely more than its last version and especially focussed on user interrupting things like communicating, sharing captures. You can likewise deal with your Xbox storage from the application and download games to your console.


In contrast to Xbox Game Pass, which lets you stream more than 100 games to your telephone, you’ll be restricted to your current library of Xbox One games. Obviously, on the off chance that you buy into Xbox Game Pass, you’ll have the option to get to the vast majority of the games accessible.


So you need to follow the above steps to play Xbox games on iPhone and iPad.



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