Is Your iPhone Hacked? iPhone Hacked Solution

Is Your iPhone Hacked?

Apple iPhone is one of the best mobile brands out in the market. They are already made their reputation in the market for security features. Users feel very free to use it without any thinking of the iPhone hack. But as we know that, if anything runs on the software it can be hacked although is hard or easy. Finally, the thing is Your iPhone can be hacked.

Knowing yes can make you afraid but don’t worry I will let you walk out the points through which iPhone can be hacked or what to do and how to prevent your iPhone be hacked.
Here are some points through which an iPhone can be hacked:

1. Do Safe Browsing:

                                                     Websites are sometimes very dangerous that open a lot of opportunities for a hacker to take entry in the iPhone easily through the malware. Phishing websites are the best examples here. Try to avoid pop up add, sometimes, they also become the source of malware to take over on your iPhone at this time, you just close the browser by click on the cross button then reopen it. If you want your iPhone not to be hacked so follow the above methods.

2. Never Jailbreak Your iPhone:

                                                                                    Keep yourself updated with this Jailbreaking thing to prevent your iPhone from hacked. But what exactly Jailbreaking is. Jailbreaking is sometimes known as rooting and Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple or iOS users remove the software restriction that is imposed by Apple to secure the mobile phone. After Jailbreaking, users lets install the apps or extension from non-authorized sources which may lead to easily hacked your iPhone.

3. Public Wifi Networks:

                                                               Public wifi networks look awesome to use because you have no charged for using it. The user wants to do everything at that time. Hackers can take benefit of this time easily so never use your sensitive apps on do work on things. For example, paying bills, do transactions, some sensitive information communication should be avoided at public wifi to prevent your phone hacked.

 After Hacked What to Do!!!

Some signs that indicate your iPhone hacked:


  • Calls, emails showed in history that you don’t send or called.
  • Showed new apps on your screen that you never download
  • Opening apps itself typed something without touching the keyboard.
If you facing this type of activities then your mobile phone will definitely be hacked.

Following Points to Do to Prevent

  • Reset your iPhone after hacked.
  • Switch off your iPhone to keep your iPhone safe.
  • You can even try for Default Firmware Update(DFU) restore.


There is a very famous proverb Prevention is better than cure which works in all aspects like disease and your mobile problems. So if you follow the above points then you are one step ahead to be hacked. You can prevent your iPhone from hacked. 
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