How do I Restrict Someone on Instagram?

How do I Restrict Someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a widely popular social media platform for all from a small boy to a businessman. In recent times, it plays a vital role in fopr the business or making a brand over there because of successful leads.

As it grows, there are always some allegations also faced by Instagram for their policies after som bullying cases. To overcome this, Instagram designed a new feature of “restrict” or provide user more control for their account followers’ activity on their post.


How Does the Restrict Feature Works?

Instagram launched to Restrict a new feature to make privacy policy more secure. If once a user is restricted, someone:
1. Restricted Person’s comment on your post will only be able to see by him/her and the user can see and make that public comment after a tap on approving or have the power to delete.
2. Users cannot receive any type os notifications from the restricted person.
3. The restricted person can’t be able to know when you are online or read their message. When the restricted person sends the message to you, the message will be received in the request section of Instagram.
This feature is good especially for because it lets the restricted user updated with your feed but they can’t interact with your post or stories and they can’t understand someone has restricted them.

How to Restrict Someone on Instagram?

To Restrict Someone, there are 4 ways given by Instagram:-

1. Restrict or Unrestrict Someone By Their Profile:

                                                                                                     Follow the steps to restrict or unrestrict someone on Instagram.
  • Go to the profile whom you want to restrict.
  • Click on more options by just tap on 3 vertical dots(Android Users) and horizontal dots(iPhone User).
  • Select Restrict ort Unrestrict.

2. Restrict Someone Through a Comment:

                                                                                     Here are the some steps to follow.
  • Just Visit your Post and view all comments
  • Tap hold on the comment.
  • Tap ” ! ” button to Restrict or Unrestrict someone.
3.  Restrict or Unrestrict Someone Through Direct:
                                                                                      Restrict the person directly.
  • Go the chatbox of whom you want to restrict.
  • Top “i” button on the right chat of your button.
  • Simple Tap on Restrict or Unrestrict.
4. Restrict Or Unrestrict Someone Through Their Setting:
                                                                                                   Path to restrict or unrestrict someone.
  • Go to setting and tap on the three horizontal line button.
  • Click on setting after that on privacy.
  • Restrict or Unrestrict using the account username.

Difference Between Block and Restrict feature

Block someone on Instagram means that that person cannot comment on your post and not able to view your profile, like, and share your post while in the Restrict feature both of you can like and comment on each other post.


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