Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

This article is basically devoted to developers around the world. We are going to talk about the must-have best tech skills for the developers in 2021. These skills will help developers to enhance their knowledge in the IT field.
As we are getting advanced with technology but still there are many developers or software engineers have not basic knowledge. That’s why this article will cover tools and technologies that every software engineer should know in 2021.


List of tech skills for Developers or software engineer in 2021:


1. Data structure and algorithm:


Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

Data structure and algorithm is one important skill required for the software developer. The data structure is all about storing the data and so the storage can be used efficiently. And an Algorithm is a set of rules or a procedure by which we solve the problem in computer science. There are different algorithms designed to solve the problem very efficiently. 

As we understand what is Data Structure and Algorithm and the use. It helps in solving the problem very efficiently with very little storage on the computer. That’s why it very important tech skill for developers in 2021.


2. Programming Language:


Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021


A Programming Langauge is a set of instructions that tells the computer to get the desired output. Programming Language is just a medium to talk with computers. Software and applications are made by programming languages which shows that a developer should know about programming languages in 2021. This skill is very needed for software engineers without this skill, a software engineer cannot survive in the IT industry.

3. Basic Use of Terminal:

Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

Again, One of the important tech skills a developer should know in 2021. The terminal is an interface that allows you to access the command line. Using of terminal saves a lot of time when you work on the software. Instead of navigating through the mouse by clicking on the icons and using the terminal allows sending straightforward content orders to our PC to do things like explore through a catalog or duplicate a record, and structure the reason for some more unpredictable mechanizations and programming aptitude. We can this is a tech skill to learn in 2021.


4. Database And SQL:

Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

The database is nothing but the collection and storing of data that you can access from the computer. For Ex- the School database consists of teachers, student details, and much more. 

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This is a language that has a unique purpose of contacting the relational database which helps you access and manipulates the database. As we know, every organization and work needs a database for storing the data that means database and SQL knowledge is very important for any developer. It is a very important(highly rated) tech skill that a software developer should know.



5. Git Version Control:

Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021

Git is a distributed version control system for following changes in source code during programming improvement. It is intended for planning work among developers, yet it very well may be utilized to follow changes in any arrangement of records. Its objectives incorporate speed, information trustworthiness, and backing for disseminated, non-straight work processes. The feature of this vcs to revert back to a different version makes it useful for a software developer that’s why it will be a very good tech skill to learn in 2021. 


6. Operating System:

Top 6 Must Tech skills for developers 2021



An Operating System(OS) is the program that, in the wake of being at first stacked into the PC by a boot program, deals with the entirety of the other application programs in a PC. The application programs utilize the working framework by making demands for administrations through a characterized application program interface (API). Likewise, clients can associate straightforwardly with the working framework through a UI, for example, an order line interface (CLI) or a graphical UI (GUI).
So why a developer should know about OS is very simple because of its feature that allows you to communicate with computer hardware with software. Without Operating System Computer is just a box. That’s why a developer must have knowledge about the operating system.


These 6 technical skills will definitely help software developers to increase their productivity. By the way, there are more but it’s okay for now. A Developer should know about the OS, Database and SQL, git, terminal use, programming language, and data structure in 2021. 


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