Digital Marketing Jobs Roles & Resposibilities 2020


Digital Marketing becomes a vast field with the rise of the internet. The Internet provides us to marketize the product online i.e. digital marketing. It is so promising and full of opportunity field. Today every company or business around the globe spends money on digital marketing because they know very well about the importance of online visibility.

This is why, in this article, we will give you knowledge about digital marketing job roles and responsibilities. People are confused about the roles of digital marketing jobs. Hope this blog will make you clear and you get critical points about the roles of digital marketing jobs. As I said earlier, Digital marketing is a vast field, different job roles available in this domain which different sets of skills and strategies.

As the demand for digital marketing growing, so there are skills compatible with this domain required much. Digital Marketing is for creative and energetic individuals. The online marketing work field is profoundly result driven and improves your insight and inventiveness abilities.


Let’s move on to check out the digital marketing job roles 

1. Digital Marketing Executive:-

Digital Marketing Executive is one of the crucial positions in digital marketing jobs. The main objective of digital marketing executives to make strategies for running a marketing campaign online

and manage clients over the internet. They play a very important role as a digital marketing executive to make brand promotion successful.

Roles and Responsibilities of Digital Marketing Executive

  • Make strategies for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Manage the online presence of brands or businesses.
  • Monitor the organization’s website.
  • Doing SEO for the website according to the domain of business.
  • Keep sure to progress with new digital marketing trends.

After these points, you have a clear idea about what does digital marketing executives do, work of digital marketing executive, and role of digital marketing executive. 

2. Search Engine Optimizer Executive:


SEO plays a very important role in digital marketing because SEO will help you(Your website or blog) to visible in search engines. Search engine optimization is just simply rank your website or blog in search engines by handling different strategies. Hence the responsibility of an SEO Executive in Digital Marketing Jobs to make ranking up the websites by doing SEO(tactics) and get a website on the first page of search engine results.

With this, they need to make sure about increasing traffic on the website. Keywords, backlinks, and different tactics(SEO) required to do rank your page.

Roles and Responsibilities of  Search Engine Optimizer Executive

  • Do keyword research according to the domain.
  • Update with the Search Engines algorithm.
  • Managing on and off-SEO for the website.
  • Lead nearby and off-site investigation of customers in different enterprises.

3. Digital Marketing Manager:-

Digital Marketing Manager is answerable for creating, actualizing, and overseeing showcasing efforts that advance an organization and its items as well as administrations. The person assumes a significant job in upgrading brand mindfulness inside the digital space just as driving site traffic and securing drives/clients.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Deploy the presence of your brand in digital space
  • Drive organic traffic to the website and follow the leads.
  • Optimizing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor the analytics of your campaign by using different tools.

4. Digital Marketing Consultant:

Digital Marketing Consultant helps to find innovative and effective ways of promoting or advertising organizations’ items or administrations utilizing different computerized advances. They help to make up your digital marketing existing strategies implement new ones or find opportunities to increase customer engagement.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Digital Marketing Consultant:

  • Provide ways to enhance the existing digital marketing strategies
  • Increase Customer Engagement through different tactics.
  • Always finds gaps and loopholes to make strategy at its best.


5. Search Engine Executive(SEM Specialist):

Let me know if there is a big company then there are different positions in digital marketing with thei specific roles. So these companies hire SEM Executive or search engine marketing specialist. The ain aim of SEM executive or SEM Specialist is to focus on the no. of acquired leads, click on the ads, bidding, and much more.

Roles and Responsibilities of Search Engine Marketing Executive:

  • Focus and monitor the PPC campaign to drive traffic to the website.
  • Managing the expenses or budgets of SEM paid Ads Campaigns.
  • Deeps Analysis of websites.

6. Social Media Marketing Expert:



A Social Media Marketing Expert in Digital Marketing is liable for joining advertising and web-based life the executives to improve the organization’s internet-based life nearness, communication with target crowds, advancing the brand’s connecting with content, and growing the open doors for expanding the income. An internet based life showcasing master ought to have the comprehension and information on every social media platform, online social media promoting strategies, and how to improve substance to make it connect with on the web-based life channels.

Roles and Responsibilities of Search Engine Marketing Executive:


  • Handling all the social media platforms like FB, Instagram, or twitter with content.
  • Implement social media marketing tactics after doing the required research.
  • Responsible for increasing engagement with the audience.
  • Optimizing all the social media handles to increase online visibility.


We provide information about basic digital marketing job roles and responsibilities. Digital Marketing field is growing day by day with the demand of marketizing the product online. To get more deep knowledge about digital marketing topics and want to implement as a digital marketing project 2020 you should check here.


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