Transparent Displays

What is Transparent Display?


In very simple meaning, A glass with an electronic display which allows users to see back views also(transparency) with a front view of the screen.
Transparent Display is nothing but electronic display which allows users to see on the glass screen while still being able to see through it. This is also known as See-through Display. This technology is not so new but its use not as much till now. Although different companies like Samsung, LG are working on this technology for their product but they are no up to the mark. We have already seen this technology in movies like Avengers.

Why this Technology is not much growing till now?

Actually, the need for this technology is not as much. The main problem with this it needs light to work on like if this technology is used in mobile then there is a need for the backlight to get easily display visible but we can see the screen of mobile like as we see X-Ray in the presence of light.
The main reason for this technology to not growing is High cost for making this on large scale.

How It Works?

There are two types of transparent technologies i.e. LCD and LED. Both are similar in many aspects still they are different because of their visual appearances.

1. LCD:-
              LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. All LCD transparent displays are transparent. But, they are not looking like transparent because mostly LCD uses in mobile, TV’s are made by such material which has very Low Light Transmission Efficiency and that’s why their display looks black. And there is a backlight to provide light to screen and that’s why we can not see-through. In an LCD TV, the lamps at the back of the screen are Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.
2. LED:-

             LED is also an LCD because both use Liquid Crystal Display. The main difference is the source of backlight. In LED, the lights at the back of the screen are Light Emitting Diodes. Transparent OLED allows light travel in both directions when it turned on. Transparent, Top-emitting, Foldable and White are the types of OLED.


  • Shop Windows
  • Virtual Reality
  • Holography
There are some difficulties to make this like source to provide light and hiding the component of machine for Transparent displays. But in the future, this technology has a large scope.

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