Display Advertising Or Display Marketing

In the series of Digital Marketing today we are going to understand about the display advertising.
How Display Advertising enhance your business to reach your goals?

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is nothing but the simple advertising of your brand or product on different websites or apps in the form of banner, images, text, flash or short video… The main purpose to give a general description of your business to the customers.
It helps to know your business by the people, make a great impression or message about your business to them.

Who to Target?

From the starting, you must know what you want to achieve from this advertising so that you can easily target your audience. DA makes you sure about your existence to the customer and your business can be recognizable. Now you can do your display advertisement on the websites related to your business thats an easy way to advertise. Just check out the other business and do some analytics so that you can put some missing thing in your business DA campaign which makes you easily targeting to the potential customer.

The measure of Display Advertising

You can do an analysis of your display advertising by understanding basic terminologies.
1. Reach:- The no. of customer who can view your advertisement. 
2. Bounce Rate:- It is the percentage of visitors visit to the website to visit only pne page through redirecting you advertisements and then exit the website. 
3. Click-Through Rate:-  Ratio of no. of click on your advertisement to total no. views on-page. 
4. Conversion Rate:- This is basically no. of clicks to fulfill the goal of the advertiser or we can say do full action on that website. 
So this is all about Display Advertisement.
Make me correct If I am wrong somewhere because I post this blog on my research so there may be mistake.   

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