Hologram or Holography

In this blog, I am going to talk about Holograms or Holography. This is very inspiring technology. Before Holograms, we need to understand about that How we see objects?
The light rays propagate in a straight line.When any object comes in its path of propagation, it reflects back alter striking the object. The reflected rays come to our eyes and we see the objects around us.

What is Hologram?

Hologram is a recording of light field in 3-D rather than images which is formed by some lens. The technique to make or practice Holograms is known as Holography.
Hologram looks exactly like a real object and human can confuse to identify the object is real or non-real. There are many movies in which we already seen this technology and how exactly this looks like such as Spider Man Far From Home. Projector is working one dimensional that’s why it if not a hologram otherwise it’s a good example of that.

How Hologram Works?

Hologram are 3-D images that have been projected on 2-D surface. Holographic projectors are used to give the visible light.  There are many sources on which Hologram works in which one of them is Laser. The Laser light is used to make hologram and make things visible exactly like real. A laser beam has not only a high degree of coherence but high intensity as well. By the use of laws of reflection and refraction the light is adjusted in such ways that from different angles the visible thing looks different that’s the working of hologram. We are no going in deep physics to understand it.


Application Of Hologram

There are many application of Hologram. Holography used in different fields like arts, data storage, dynamic holography, hobbyist etc. This hologram technology has a great future and might be a great career for students.

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