Role Of Video In Digital Marketing

Video Marketing or Go-To Marketing Tool is one of the great strategies to make your brand viral easily.  It is just using the videos to promote a brand or product. For that to make digest, this fact makes you clear that everyday user spends 1 billion hours on Youtube to watch videos. To perform this strategy, one should have the proper knowledge of video marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

 A video impacts much on the customer than a display banner, poster or any other thing. Video is very interesting, engageable content that gives a real-life situation for the customer which can imagine by customer. Easy sharing capability of video across multiple platforms makes it worth for digital marketers. With video advertising, you can advertise according to your field or a specific type of your brand.

Types of Videos

There are plenty of videos on the internet but the goal of your business to reach more people or engaged with many customers. 
Explaining Type videos is one of the videos that educate your customer about brand and product. It makes your customer understand your business and services.
Product Review also makes a good impact on the customers. So that they easily belief and you can easily win their trust for products.
Live Videos can work on the channels through which you can easily come close to your customers and satisfy their expectation from your business. 

Advertising on Video Sharing Sites 

As we all know Youtube is great place to share your online video content. There are many video sharing sites. Time limit is a very important factor for video marketing according to different platform or sites.
  • YouTube: 2 minutes
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Facebook: 1 minute
There are some online video marketing tools which you can use them to make your campaign successful like Wideo, Powtoon, WeVideo, etc. 

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