Space Station Of India

India to have its own Space Station: ISRO
India is going to make its own space station by 2029 said by the ISRO.  This will be a great achievement for India and beneficial for future experiments.

What Is Space Station?

Space Station is an aircraft in which an astronaut do some research for some time. This is like a hotel for space traveler. This is also known as an orbital space station or orbital station. These stations have docking port to allow other space crafts as well to supplies and crews. 

How many Space Stations are there in the Space? 

Till now, there is only two space station present in space. 
International Space Station(ISS) is a multination project. This project is completed between 1998 to 2011. Major countries are USA and Russia who sent their 145 and 46 astronauts to do research there. It is placed in low earth orbit. Almost 230 people have visited there in which Kalpna Chawla and Sunita Williams are two Indians also visited there. 
Tiangong 2 is China’s project of the space station. Although there is no astronaut lived there to do research. This space station is too small in size.  

Building of a Space Station

It is not an easy game to do. There is no place in space where all equipment can place and then sum up. So from the earth, all the equipment are sent to 400 km above the earth in spacecraft. Astronaut sums up all equipment in the form of the space station. Currently, ISS revolves around the earth about 28,000 km/hour.  

India’s Space Station

According to ISRO, Space Station of India will be presumed to weigh 20 ton’s where some astronauts can stay for 7 to 10 days for research. This space station will placed in space almost 400 km above from the earth. The budget for this space station is 10,200 Crore Rs. 

Benefits To India

1. India will make laboratory and astronauts can do research there in space.  
2. Case of security will be high.
3. India will not need to send more satellite for the security purposes which makes economic expenses less. 
4. It will help to raise tourism and make new business possibilities.
5. It will create 15000 Jobs also. 
6. Chances of atom bomb attack would be less. 
7. Make a better understanding of Earth. 

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