How to Add to Music in Tiktok from Spotify, Apple Music & Apple Music

As we know TikTok for videos and making the industry song viral. The process is very simple whatever song has more content ultimately it reaches out to more people i.e. famous. It has introduced a new feature to enhance the music experience for its users. The Add to Music App feature in TikTok is introduced for same to reach more and more so there will be no limits to songs and now users can seamlessly save their favorite tracks from various platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.

How to Use the Add to Music App Feature in Tiktok

Add to Music App Feature in Tiktok
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This new feature is just launched to reach more songs for the users of TikTok. However, if you want to use this Add to Music app feature, you just need to open your TikTok feed, there will be a new “ADD SONG” button next to the track name at the bottom of the video. After tapping on that button you will be asked to choose your preferred music streaming service like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The selected music can then be saved to your default or customized playlist as per the users on Streaming Services.

Add to Music App Feature in TikTok Available Countries:

Although TikTok has only launched the feature in the United States and the United Kingdom, other markets will see its rollout in the upcoming months. With this extension, people all across the world will be able to experience TikTok even more deeply when listening to music.

Monetizing Integration with DSPs:

Regarding the Add to Music App feature, TikTok has arrangements with Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music that are not publicized; no reported financial exchange occurs. In addition to improving user experience, the move gives TikTok more opportunity to make money from DSP integration by allowing artists to leverage its SoundOn music marketing and distribution program.

TikTok Music is Different from Add to Music:

It’s crucial to understand that TikTok’s Add to Music App feature is not the same as TikTok Music, a paid music streaming service that is only accessible in a few countries. TikTok currently has no intentions to introduce TikTok Music in the United States.

TikTok’s Take on Add to Music App Feature:

Ole Obermann, the worldwide head of music business development at TikTok, highlights how popular the platform is already for finding and promoting music. This is further enhanced for artists and rightsholders by the Add to Music App feature, which establishes a direct connection between discovery on TikTok and consumption on streaming services.


The thing is clear TikTok wants its involvement in people life’s lives to go one step deeper just like other apps in the market. This new feature definitely enhances the synergy of the platform and popular streaming services. It helps TikTok to engage more users on their platform along with new avenues for monetization in the music industry for TikTok.

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