Lego Animal Crossing Final Confirmation Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

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Lego is going to launch a new fresh Nintendo theme with Lego Animal Crossing. Nintendo is collaborating with the brick manufacturer once more to make Lego Animal Crossing sets after a successful Mario Lego series. A brief video of eight Animal Crossing minifigs cheering as a balloon-lifted gift soars into the sky was uploaded by Nintendo on its social media channels on Thursday as a sneak peek at the impending partnership.


Lego Animal Crossing Date

As the official teaser launch of Lego Animal Crossing, there are various characters we can see in the teaser like Rosie, Marshall, Buniie, Fauna, Julian, etc. Similar to real life, you start off as a player in this game who is owed to Tom Nook and must fish, gather fruit, and sell stuff to pay off your mortgage. People are excited to know about the official date of Lego Animal Crossing. However, the date is not confirmed when it will release.

Lego Animal Crossing Pricing

In March 2024, there might be some fantastic Animal Crossing-themed Lego sets available. Lego Leakers provided the information(not confirmed 100%), however, neither the release date nor the pricing has been made public yet. There may be five sets, with costs ranging from $14.99 to $74.99, according to rumors.

There might be adorable things like minifigs, fruit trees, and floating presents, however, we don’t know all the specifics. People are speculating that well-known locations from Animal Crossing, such as Nook’s Cranny, may be included in the sets. Lego fans are invited to submit ideas, and if enough people do, Lego may decide to make the idea into a genuine set. Sounds like a pleasant team effort.


Wait till 2024 for its official release. Every time Lego and Nintendo create some amazing stuff. Hope for this time too via this amazing animal crossing game. So tell me your views about this partnership.

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