Top Galaxy Z Flip 5 Apps to Maximize Experience with Flex Window

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a remarkable foldable phone that, among other enhancements, has a larger cover screen known as the Flex Window, a quicker processor, and a gapless folding design. Finding the top Galaxy Z Flip 5 apps is essential if you want to get the most out of this unique gadget. The Flex Window offers special opportunities for multitasking and customization while the main display operates like any other phone. In this post, we’ll look at five apps that can make the most of the Flex Window on the Z Flip 5 device.

Best Galaxy Z Flip 5 Apps

Top Galaxy Z Flip 5 Apps to Maximize Experience with Flex Window

1. Good Lock – Customization and Multistar Module

Price: Free

Good Lock is a flexible app created to let you personalize your phone’s notification panel, lock screen, and more. You can add a widget with up to eight apps that will run on the Flex Window by downloading the Multistar module from within the app. While some programs might not function well in this format, it provides a fantastic opportunity to run necessary apps in a small window, which makes multitasking easier.


2. Coverscreen OS – Full App Experience

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

The Flex Window can run whole apps thanks to Coverscreen OS, another app. This program provides a comprehensive user interface with access to all of your apps, much like Good Lock’s Multistar. While Coverscreen OS provides more specialized capabilities for a monthly or yearly cost, some users prefer Good Lock for its stability and free access to the whole experience. Pick the option that best satisfies your needs and preferences. This is one of the top Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 apps which makes your experince great.

3. Netflix – Entertainment on the Go

Price: Varies (requires a Netflix subscription)

Through Samsung’s Lab features, Netflix is now available on the Flex Window thanks to a partnership between Samsung and Netflix. It provides a special way to watch material from the outer display, while being in beta on the Flex Window. When you want to keep kids occupied when the phone is folded on a table or watch material while on the go without opening the main screen, this feature might be really helpful.

4. Google Keep – Convenient Note-taking

Price: Free

The Flex Window makes Google Keep, an outstanding note-taking and reminder app, even more useful. For fast notes and reminders, while traveling, Coverscreen OS or Good Lock’s Keep feature allows you to access Keep without opening the phone. Keep’s integration with the Flex Window improves its utility whether you’re writing shopping lists or jotting down thoughts.

5. Google Calendar – Stay Organized

Price: Free

The Calendar widget on the Z Flip’s outside display is present, however, it has limited usefulness. You may add Google Calendar as a complete program to the Flex Window by utilizing Good Lock or Coverscreen OS. With this improvement, you can easily access your appointments and change them without having to open the phone. Managing your schedule is made much more convenient by the larger screen.


With its ground-breaking Flex Window, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 creates new opportunities for customization and multitasking. You can run whole apps on the cover screen with apps like Good Lock and Coverscreen OS, transforming it from just a widget display. Additionally, the functionality and user experience of the phone is improved by integrating apps like Netflix, Google Keep, and Google Calendar.

Exploring these apps and utilizing the Flex Window on your Galaxy Z Flip 5 will help you realize its full potential. These apps will enhance your foldable smartphone and take your mobile experience to new heights, whether you’re customizing your lock screen, taking notes, or managing your calendar.

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