Pokemon Sleep Candies Guide- How to Get More

The relationship between trainers and their favorite Pokémon is essential for success in the engrossing world of Pokémon. Raising and caring for Pokémon to enhance their abilities and foster a closer bond between them is a key component of this experience.

In this cutting-edge game, “Pokemon Sleep,” players can begin by boosting the strength of the Pokemon in a variety of ways, with sweets playing a crucial part in this endeavour. This thorough tutorial will outline efficient methods for gathering candies and enhancing the strength of your team. Let’s explore “Pokemon Sleep” in depth and discover how to obtain candies there.

Importance of Pokemon Sleep Candies

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Candies are essential in “Pokemon Sleep” for increasing the power of your Pokémon. They are required for increasing the strength of a Snorlax, developing Pokémon, and improving your team’s overall performance. The higher number of candies acquired is critical for trainers looking to dominate their opponents and build a strong squad in this game.

How to get Candies in Pokemon Sleep

1. Helper Team Approach:-

One of the most straightforward ways to secure candies is by assembling a Helper Team. This team, consisting of up to five Pokémon, actively gathers berries and ingredients that aid in candy collection. Upon setting your chosen Pokémon, they will appear on the main screen and have the potential to gather two candies each. Keep an eye out for the candy icon above a Pokémon’s head to determine successful candy foraging.

2. Utilize the Research Community:-

Using the research community effectively can result in a plentiful supply of more candies. You can raise the level of closeness by sharing Research Updates every day with up to 50 friends on your network. You receive Handy Candy S x1 for achieving Closeness Level 1, and x2 for achieving Closeness Level 5.

This is something you do good for the community and the community gives you back. This process not only improves your candy collection easily but is also free.

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3. Send Pokemon to Professor Neroli:-

A lesser-known technique involves sending Pokémon to Professor Neroli. This action not only frees up box space but also garners five candies specific to the transferred Pokémon. Note that once a Pokémon is sent to Professor Neroli, it cannot be retrieved. Head to the Pokémon Box, select your desired Pokémon and choose the option to send it to the professor.

Additional Ways to Get More Candies in Pokemon Sleep

  • Unlock Handy Candies by discovering various Sleep Styles.
  • Purchase Handy Candy S using 160 Sleep Points from Regular Exchange.
  • Obtain Handy Candy M through the Premium Exchange for 500 Sleep Points.
  • Subscribing to the Premium Pass for three consecutive months rewards you with Handy Candy L.
  • Occasionally, developers might gift Handy Candy as a token of appreciation.


Candy plays a critical role in enhancing your team’s power and skills in the intriguing world of “Pokemon Sleep,” where fostering Pokémon friendships is key. Trainers can efficiently gather candies by employing strategies like the Helper Team, Research Community, and delivering Pokémon to Professor Neroli. By diligently gathering these essential materials, the aims of evolving Pokémon, enhancing Snorlax’s power, and crushing opponents become feasible objectives. In the realm of “Pokemon Sleep,” embrace these strategies, perfect the art of candy collecting, and watch your Pokémon team’s development soar to new heights.

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