Best Google Bard Extensions 2023 that You Must Try

In this article, we will see some of the best google bard extensions that you can try on google chrome, edge, and another browser as well. We have written many articles on chatbot and Google bard ai alternatives already. Introducing Google Bard and Microsoft Bing Chat, two formidable AI chatbots that offer a multitude of impressive features. While these chatbots have gained significant popularity in no time as competitors to ChatGPT, some users express a desire for a more streamlined experience. Now after the full launch of google bard ai people are comparing it with ChatGPT power. Hence there are many points in which Bard is ahead and before the Chatgpt.

What is Google Bard?

Best Google Bard Extensions 2023 that You Must Try

Bard is an innovative AI chat service developed by Google and fully launched for the public in this Google I/O 2023, designed to engage in conversational interactions. While sharing similarities with ChatGPT, Bard stands out by leveraging web-based information to provide responses. With its broad capabilities, Bard can assist users with coding, solving math problems, and even supporting their writing endeavors. The announcement of Bard took place on February 6, as revealed by Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet. Although Bard was a fresh concept at the time of the announcement, it was powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), which had been unveiled two years earlier. This launch introduced users to an exciting and advanced AI chat service that continues to evolve. This bard can be delayed for more months but due to the popularity of ChatGPT,  google needs to launch their chatbot asap. No we will see some of the best Google Bard extensions.

Best Google Bard Extensions 2023

Bard for Google Extension:-

To begin harnessing the benefits of Bard, it is essential to install a helpful Google Chrome extension for BARD AI called “Bard for Google” This extension enables us to utilize Bard’s functionalities seamlessly, even without being active on the chat page. This convenient feature is reminiscent of ChatGPT’s capability, where users can install the ChatGPT Chrome extension to view responses alongside their Google search results. By installing the Bard for Search Engines extension, users can enhance their browsing experience and access Bard’s responses effortlessly while conducting their searches.

Step to use this Google Bard Extension on Google Chrome

1. Visit the Google Chrome extension and search Bard for Google

Best Google Bard Extensions 2023 that You Must Try

 2. On the extension page, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to initiate the immediate installation of the extension.

Next, proceed with signing in to your Google Bard account, as the extension requires an account with access to Bard.  This is the same as you log in with other websites like Pinterest, LinkedIn,  etc.

The main chat window will open after you sign in. At this stage, there is no need to input anything or change any settings. Just close the tab that is open to the chat page.

You can utilize Bard AI alongside your Google search results now that the setup process is complete. Take these actions:

Best Google Bard Extensions 2023 that You Must Try

1. Use your web browser to navigate to
2. As usual, enter your search term here.
3. You will see Google Bard’s response easily placed in the right sidebar as the search results are shown. You can enjoy Bard AI’s smart responses with no fuss or disruption by integrating them into your Google search experience.

How to use Google Bard in Microsoft Bing?

For now, there is no extension or any way in which one can use google bard on mircosoft bing. This will not going to happen until any jugaad. As we know the Bing chat is already integrated in Bing. So Officially it is a business conflict. If there is any possible way to use google bard in Microsoft Bing.


In this article, we have seen the best google bard extensions that you can directly use in Google search. You don’t need to go to directly to the Bard website, instead, you will get output on the right side of the search results.

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