Top 7 best apps to see-through clothes


Best Apps to See Through Clothes

You must have seen movies where some techniques through which people can see through clothes or inside the clothes of a person. Same exactly there are some of the best apps to see-through clothes are available. Almost all the listed app can be found at the play store or AppStore.

Best Cloth Remover app

  1. X-Ray cloth remover
  2. X-ray body scanner simulator
  3. Sexy Booth Free makes you hot
  4. Body Scanner Camera X-ray Prank real simulator
  5. Audrey girl Figure scanner
  6. Body Scanner
  7. X-Ray Ghost Scanner

1. Best apps to see-through clothes- X-Ray cloth remover:

The X-Ray cloth remover app is 2-3 years old but it still working as gold. Although these days there are a variety of sapient funny and prank games, if you are searching for real and plain using app to look through one’s clothes,  you can easily download this app and full your desire. You will definitely enjoy this game that allows you to see through clothes.

2. Best apps to see-through clothes- X-Ray body scanner simulator:

This app is designed for the 18+ age group. You can easily estimate on your own that how this works.  But this app is for iOS and it allows you to tell others that your phone is equipped with X-Ray capability.  You can also make happy your friend’s mood by referring this app to him/her. This app is one of the best prank apps to remove cloth online.

Body Scanner app replicates the work of an X-ray machine. Basically, it captures bone tissue and cells of the human body and only shows it on the screen of your mobile phone. This app can ‘X-Ray’ human pelvis, knees, chest, and hands, legs and it shows very clear images of whatever body part you are focusing on by your phone camera.

3. Best apps to see-through clothes- Sexy Booth free makes you hot:

This app is only for iOS devices(best iOS cloth remover app) and it will help you to prank your friends. Of course, this is a see-through clothes software. All you need to do is, put the camera straight and point to your friend. And voila! You’ll be able to see naked humans but not your friend. But for enjoying the prank you can act as you can really see him/her in underwear…!

Always remember that this application is completely fake. Of course, you never look at your friends’ underwear the app will only show you some hot or simple pictures of men and women models.

4. Best apps to see-thorough clothes- Body Scanner Camera X-ray Prank real simulator:

Body Scanner Camera Xray app is one more app to see through clothes but at this time it is only for android devices. This app has a heavy load of hot men’s images. If you want to make someone look more handsome, use this app! If you just want to have fun, you can also use this app.

Of course, this is just a prank but who knows what it can lead to? Maybe someone will start going to the gym to look more like Apollos from the pics. So, one more prank camera at your service!

5. Best apps to see-through clothes- Audery girl Figure scanner:

Audrey Girl Figure Scanner is also for android devices. The app allows you to see inside girls’ clothes. Of course, it shows body parts of people but those who you don’t know, not the ones in front of you, but this can also be fun.

If you want to see inside girls’ cloth you can easily do it so. The only limitation of this app is you can not be able to see inside the girls’ clothes of a real girl you are focusing on her, you will see only fake girl clothes as this app is just for fun and prank. Basically, it is a see-through clothes prank app.

6. Best apps to see-through clothes- Body Scanner:

This app is also for fun but your friend will not be able to identify that you are doing pranks with her/him. Actually, you have to point the camera of your phone at your friend or victim you want to see her inside clothes then you just have to click a photo of her burst and you can adjust or add other girl nacked chest photo on the victim’s photo then you can show her hahaha really fun na?

7. Best apps to see-through clothes- X-Ray Ghost Scanner

This app is specially designed for those who adore creating a prank or fun with friends because of your friends are afraid of ghosts, you can use ghost scanner app to fear him/her. This app contains the sensors for your android device to identify ghosts near you.

Want to do it? So you have to simply download and install this app and then you can have some lolly fun. After installing the app, find the target and then press the “Scan” button to start to see the horrible thing.


These apps are nothing but prank apps that will allow removing body clothes with some fake photos. Use these apps for the only pranks and nothing more than that.

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