Top 20+ Best Apps to Earn Money Online in India

Hey, are you looking for money making app online? You are at the very right place. In this article, we will share you the best apps to earn money without invest even a rupee. All you need to do just scroll down for knowing about money making apps in India.

In this most expensive world, have you ever planed to earn money in your free time without spending a single rupee? If we will share the money making apps with super fast speed and without any obstacle; how does it sound? Awesome. right?

Money earning/making has become a primary need of people’s life nowadays. It is uphill to survive with less or insufficient money to live a happy and peaceful life. Hence, money making from multiple sources has become needy to everyone’s life.

Generally, we spend a huge amount of time in doing worthless things. Besides it, we can utilize our time wisely to transform the number of waste minutes into the number of Indian rupees. Laden to trust? Don’t be foolish. Let’s follow below listed apps and make money whole day and night.

All you need to have a smart-phone. Your phone can be a key of treasure that can help you to unlock the door of money cave from different best money making apps. Can’t wait anymore? OK, let’s dig out the treasure.

Before to start earn money you need to sign up in all these apps listed below, or whatever app you are choosing to earn money. First task is to sign up your-self. You can sign-up via gmail account, Facebook account or other option if the particular app has.

Best Money making Apps in India


How to Sign-Up with the Money Earning Apps in India

  • Download the app from Play Storeor App store.
  • Register your-self by filling all the required details app will ask. You can sign up with your Gmail, Facebook, etc.
  • Grease your profile for the best and more online opportunities through the app internal interface.

Now, you are all set-up let’s have a look on best apps to earn money online in India:


1. Best Apps to Earn Money- Meesho:

Best Apps to Earn Money

Being a participant of Meesho, you can earn upto25000 per month and can become an entrepreneur.  You can consider this platform as a reselling product and earn profit website. As well as you can start your own business on Meesho. Doesn’t matter you are a student or house-wife if you want to earn from Meesho, you just have to download this app and select the product or category you want to deal. And yeah! It’s done now you can share the product on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc and let people know the final price of the product after saving your marginal profit.

2. Best Apps to Earn Money- Google Opinion Rewards:


 Best Apps to Earn Money


This one is the most trusted and beneficial app for people of India. Basically, it is a paid survey app and it gives you cash for completing the surveys provided by this.

To be a participant of this app is super easy you just have to download it and create account by using gmail or Facebook or another way you like. Once you have done it, you have to answer some quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with this app.

Whatever the money you earned form this Google Opinion Rewards, can be redeemed (use) to purchase games, diamonds in games, online shop, book movie tickets, music albums, and other apps.


3. Best Apps to Earn Money- Roz Dhan:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Roz Dhan app is also in trend in the genre of best money making apps online in India. It is also well trusted app and found totally authentic.

You can earn money by completing surveys, installing other apps, visiting websites, invite friends to download ROZ DHAN app, participating in contests and many more.

Also, you can earn money while you are just burning your calories. Yes! You read it right, Roj Dhan gives you cash when you are burning your calories. All you need to do is walking and count the steps by using this app and also there are some other tasks like you can measure your daily horoscope through this app and then this app will pay you in your Paytm wallet.

4. Best Apps to Earn Money- PhonePe:


Who is there who doesn’t use phonePe in today’s date? But, have you ever think you can earn money by using PhonePe. Of course, you can

PhonePe is the real UPI portent in India. Downloading and then Signing up with this app will allows you to enjoy various cashback deals on some specific payments and also you can get cash by your friend or relative referrals. The earned reward is credited to your bank account. You can earn cashback on DTH recharge, mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, etc.

5. Best Apps to Earn Money- Databuddy:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Databuddy app is just like Paytm app. You can earn decent amount of money with this app by downloading other apps. If you want to earn more so you can get It for sure all you need to just, share the pictures and GIFs on social media platforms, and complete the tasks.

This app lets you enjoy the cashback on shopping the products from different websites like amazon, flipkart, Myntra, and many more. Primarily this app acts as the middleman between the interface and your Paytm wallet.

This app also gives you some additional benefits like trending deals, coupons, discounts and cashback.


6 Best Apps to Earn Money- Vimeo:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

If you are a video creator and making videos on YouTube and want to earn more money from them without swamp them in ads so, you can showcase your video creation through either Vimeo or Vimeo OTT and earn fame and money too. You can create videos of any domain you just have to follow your passion and post your videos. These can be funny, educational, tech information, and much more.

How much people like your videos and creation that much you will earn money. But first you have to invest a bit to be a family of Vimeo.


7. Best Apps to Earn Money- Facebook ViewPoints:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Facebook viewpoints is similar to Google Rewards. It pays you for completing their surveys. If you successfully complete your surveys and tasks you will be rewarded by this app in your PayPal account. For earning money, first download the app and create account, give some answers and start to complete tasks.

Want to more about Money making by Facebook ViewPoints:

8. Best Apps to Earn Money- YouTube:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Everyone is familiar with YouTube today. And most of the people in India are using this app to earn money and they are using this app to earn their monthly expenses. You can also earn money from YouTube. All you need to do is just leave to waste your time in watching videos for time pass. Utilize this time to make your own videos and gradually increase your channel and make the money.

No one is perfect here, but you can be a perfect by putting your efforts. You will not only make money but also make reputation throughout the world. So, why are you waiting for, let’s start from today.

9. Best Apps to Earn Money- Instagram:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Until when, you will waste your time in just swipe and scroll down the posts and reels on Instagram? This is the time you can make money from Instagram. Yes, you can do it so, by making reels, posts and banner for promotion of a particular business or company. You can make reels on gaming, cooking, dancing, comedies, etc. But already listed are the most famous domain to fast earn. Also, you can do digital marketing through Instagram. In digital marketing, you have to sell your products or others products and you can earn profit.


10. Best Apps to Earn Money- CashKaro:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Cash Karo is just a Xerox copy of Data Buddy app. You can earn money in the form of Cashbacks, discounts, sales, reselling, and many more.

It also provides you extra 30% discount on products shopping through it. Suppose, you have to buy an item from Flipkart so you need not to go on Flipkart, CashKaro will do it for you, you just have to download and create account on CashKaro and go on flipkart though cashKaro internal interface then select your product and get extra 30% discount or cashback on your purchases.

11. Best Apps to Earn Money- Wonk:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Wonk is one of the awesome money making platforms where a heap of people is earning adequate revenue by online tutoring. This platform can help you to develop your teaching skills and enhance you to earning with learning.

To apply for an online tutoring profile on Wonk, people need to have:

  • A graduation degree
  • Proficiency in communication.
  • Student supportive nature.
  • Comfortable to use online tools for online teaching.
  • Subject knowledge proficiency

If you fulfill the WONK requirements then you can start teaching on it. WONK team will certify you as a teacher on their platform, and you can instantly start earning smart revenue based on your total teaching experience and qualifications.

Your earnings may varies on different factors such as which class students you are teaching, which subject you are teaching, and the board of the student. WONK gives all online tutors to earn between Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000 on average/hr. of teaching. 

12. Best Apps to Earn Money- LOCO:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

  • Loco money making app is free to use, and people are permitted to play games in their native languages, like Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil. This app is well known among school and college students.
  • This rewards you cash for watching gaming videos and playing multiplayer online games like Ludo, Bull Bash, Carrom, etc. You can create your own bunch and play these games with your friends. If you don’t have players to play with you then no-worries you can play single also games such as Knife Ninja, Aqua Shooter, Bubble Shooter, Knife Ninja, Merge Mania, Tetrois, and many others.

The earned coins can be redeemed into Google Play Vouchers. The only drawback of this app is that you get a limited amount of gold per day, and you are required to earn substantial gold every day to get the minimum amount.

Whatever money you have earned that can be used into Google Play Vouchers. But there is a limitation that you can only earned limited coin in a day.

13. Best Apps to Earn Money- TaskBucks:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

TaskBucks is also named in the list of the top money earning apps in India for free that allows you to earn money even while you sleep. You can earn revenue by just downloading some other apps, visiting other websites, viewing ads, sharing this app to other, referring to other and many more. Referrals can help you to earn up to Rs. 70 each day through TaskBucks.

But this app is not for iOS devices. Only Android users can enjoy the free benefit of this app.

The earned money can be redeemed to recharge your mobile phone or you can also get cash out via Paytm wallet. However, this app is well known for PayTm cashback offers.

14. Best Apps to Earn Money- Current Rewards:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

This app is damn simple to use and easy to earn a lot. You only have to download this app and sign-up via your gmail or Facebook account. And then you can earn by listening music and playing games.

People can redeem their earnings with various gift cards like, Amazon gift cards, Google Play Gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and many more. Moreover, this app is well trusted you can see 300000 reviews of this app.

15. Best Apps to Earn Money- App Trailer:

Leave to waste time at phone and start to invest your time in App trailer- the best money earning app in India. Many individuals are boosting their monthly income through this app.

This app does not ask you to complete a survey or answer a few questions. This app pays its users for giving a true feedback regarding this app. Every feedback helps them to grow, which further becomes the key for treasure to many people.

16. Best Apps to Earn Money- Dream 11:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Dream 11 gained a great download rate in past years in India. It is widely popular among youngsters of India who love Cricket. Dream11 is depends on the cricket fantasy league.

If you also want to make money from Dream 11 so, you just need to download the app and sign up using your Gmail ID.

This app uses to highly pay for referrals as compare to other apps. If you want to try your destiny so need not to be hesitate just try and earn.

17. Best Apps to Earn Money- Google Pay:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

If you are thinking that Google Pay is just for online payments, billing, recharge mobiles, etc. No it’s not like that. You can also earn cashback like Paytm and PhonePe. And you can recharge your mobile and DTH using your cashback amount. You can also earn rewards like extra 5% discount by paying from Google Pay and many more.

18. Best Apps to Earn Money- HealthyWage App

 Best Apps to Earn Money

HealthyWage is also one of the best money earning apps in India. Basically, this app focuses on people health that’s why they have weight loss and fitness challenges, and if one win, he/she would earn up to Rs.50,000. So, this is very helpful for earning while losing extra weight that makes you healthy and rich too.

19. Best Apps to Earn Money- MooCash:

MooCash offers you to invest your time in earning up to Rs.350+ per day by Watching videos, playing games, viewing ads and completing surveys to earn money. You can collect money either in the form of cash or as recharge vouchers.

20. Best Apps to Earn Money- Slide:

 Best Apps to Earn Money

Slide is the last but not the least as there are more than 20 apps available for money making but the top 20 best earn money apps are already been discussed for Indians that is extremely simple to use.

If you want to earn money by just sliding of course you can do it so. You have to slide to unlock your phone, and that’s all! You earned money! Unlock your smart-phone to get a chance to get an awesome reward Available for the Android app, Slide app uses to send your earned money in your PayTm account.

Wrap up:

The best money earning apps in India mentioned in this article, all are well tested and have been found truly to earn money in India. All these apps are easy to download and simple to use. You can also start these apps to earn money. Download these apps and fulfill your dream of earning money come true.

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