Steps to use QR codes for video star

If you are using Video star so you must familiar with the steps to use QR codes for Video Star as QR codes are working as predefined codes for specific features or settings. These QR Codes help you to make your edits really more powerful than before.

Are you one of the forgetful people? and often forget to edit images, video, clips, edits, etc that how did you previously edit? So, we have found a solution for you people. Now, you don’t need to remember everything as a QR code for video stars is available. With the help of Qr Code, you can save your previous edits, filters, effects, etc. You can also loop to your favorite filter so that if you want to use it again and again you will not repeat the same process. This is also an amazing and easy way for fresh editors to put more advanced effects on their videos, as you can get access to other creators’ settings via QR Codes.

How QR Codes work in Video Star

A barcode that includes the data to a specific format of settings in Video Star is called QR Codes. Now, after editing a clip, you can save its settings by exporting it as a QR code.

Once, you have done your editing you can also add those same settings to another clip by importing the QR code on that clip. QR codes in Video Star essentially function as preset settings, and anyone can create or use them.

A QR code can be created for each and every small setting or filter often forgotten by you.  This saves a lot of time as well as effort, as you don’t have to switch the settings on every clip, as you have to simply apply the QR code which you already saved in Video star.

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How to use QR Codes in Video Star

You can’t start to use Video star blindly because it is not available on android.

Download: Video Star (Free, in-app purchases available)

Not every effect supports QR codes, but this seems to change over time with updates. Always try to updates your app since the developers might add support for more effects.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a QR code will only work with effects that you have purchased or have access to via the subscription. For example, if you attempt to use a preset that contains settings with the Color Magic Pack effects, you’re going to need to purchase that Pack or sign up for the Video Star Pro subscription.

Steps to use QR codes for video star

If you want to use QR codes in video star then you can either create your own QR or use the QR(First save and then use) created by others. There are a plethora of social accounts that allow you to use QR codes for free so you can use them easily.

Once, you learn to make and save the QR code, follow the given procedure to edit your footage by using QR Codes.

  1. Open your video in any editor from Re-effect, Multilayer, Transform.
  2. Click on the QR code at the sidebar top of the screen.
  3. Tap on import.
  4. If you are using Transform or multi-layer you will see a notification while importing that tells importing a QR code can remove your current.

QR codes for video star

      5. Now, you will see that your photo albums have opened.

6. Choose the QR code whatever you want to use and tap on YES.

Steps to use QR codes in Video star

      7. Now, check your clip embedded with your desirable QR Code.

If you don’t like the effect or filters after applying the QR code, you can easily modify it again by just changing the previous QR code. Normal changes like brightness and color and contrast can be easily changed without modifying in QR code.

Always remember, a QR code will only work in its specific window. For example, if a QR code is generated in Window Transform but you are using it in Re-effect so it won’t work. Now, if are thinking why does it happen? The answer is- because some or all of the settings implanted in the QR code don’t exist in that window.

You can only use a preset that was specially designed from within the window where you want to import it. If you ever tried to change it with another window QR code, you’ll get a pop-up that tells “This isn’t a [insert name of effect] QR code.” Simply tap OK to go back.


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