Top 5 Best Fact Checker Sites & Apps

Do you have some doubts about news or facts there? Don’t worry we have the best fact checker sites & apps right there for you guys.

Best Fact Checker Sites & Apps

Nowadays Information sharing is one of the things the internet is good at. In fact, it’s most likely the area in which the internet excels. And that has produced some truly amazing outcomes, including completely new companies, literal revolutions, and late-night Reddit rabbit holes of adorable cat videos. Every country faces the same issues with wrong facts sharing issues But no more, we will list the best fact checker sites & apps.

Best Fact Checker Sites & Apps

There are various sites to check facts online but the issue is that people don’t want multiple places to check fact. We are going to one place destination type fact checker sites & apps. All the below mentions sites & apps are verified by  International Fact-Checking Network.



1. Fact Checker Sites & Apps- DFRAC:-

DFRAC stands for Digital Forensics, Research, and Analytics Center. DFRAC website is It is an Indian non-profit organization that does fact-check nationally or internationally. Many famous fact-checking cases from the DFRAC like fabricated stories of Sudhir Chaudhary, untouchability, and caste system in India facts.

2. Fact Checker Sites & Apps- Boom:-

Boom is also another one of the best fact-checker sites. It is an independent digital journalism news site that encounters new or famous or viral fact checks. It is one of India’s first and most prominent fact-checking websites, BOOM is dedicated to giving users information that has been independently verified by journalists. It is present in India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

3. Fact Checker Sites & Apps- The Quint:-

If you talk about the most famous fact-checker sites then Quint is one name that you can’t resist. After leaving Network18, Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur created The Quint, an Indian general news and opinion website in both English and Hindi. Three Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and two Red Ink Awards have been given to the publication’s journalists. In my opinion, Quint is my favorite fact-checker site.

4. Fact Checker Sites & Apps- Fact Crescendo:-

The independent digital journalism project Fact Crescendo is a division of the Indian private limited firm Crescendo Transcription Private Limited (CTPL). Fact Crescendo is an independent, unbiased fact-checking website dedicated to exposing the truth behind every news story and dispelling misleading, misinformed, social media, and mainstream media hoaxes on a daily basis. English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, and Urdu are all languages in which they are available.

5 Fact Checker Sites & Apps- Your Turn:-

If you are from Tamil Nadu, you have definitely encountered it at least once on your mobile phone.  Founded specifically for fact-checking, You Turn is a legally recognized organization. It is a Tamil Based Fact checker websites where you can verify the news in the Tamil language.


After the above-mentioned sites, you can verify every doubtable fact that you encountered in daily life. Because the person who shares the wrong news is as guilty as the person who creates the wrong news. So Share always correct news by verifying from the best fact checker sites & apps. However, these above-mentioned sites have apps. You check them on App Store or Play Store.

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